Monday, December 05, 2011

Puppy 101 - what I want your puppy knowing before it leaves here

  • being clean in the house is good
  • going into a crate pays big
  • offering a sit (or with some puppies a down) pays well
  • collars won't kill you and leashes are ok too (I actually do most of my with me work off leash)
  • people are good - all people - our puppies meet as many people as I can find
  • dogs can be fun but you should respect them - I am careful about dogs I don't know
  • cats can be the best playmates ever but let the cat decide
  • tugging is fun - and you can tug nearly anything
  • it's ok to eat slowly and share - there is always more food coming
  • dog beds are nice to sleep on (even when they are covered in hair)
  • cars take you to fun places
  • being handled in any gentle way is THE BEST ... mouth, nails, on side, back, whatever - it all rocks

What have I missed?

(You may notice yesterday's post was written from a plural point of view - I wasn't being Royal at all - Big T is totally helpful and amazing when it comes to helping babies feel good about life and nuturing them.Training stuff is my domain - hence the return to first person here).


Stunning dude said...

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Muttsandaklutz said...

I'm enjoying this series of posts. This is a very handy list of foundation skills all summarized right here!