Friday, September 18, 2009

ICE your phone

I've read this many times and thought oh good idea - but today Terri at Clay Hill farm posted the following ... and I'm passing it along ...(and I finally took the time to do it too!)

I was just reminded of this by a friend, so I pulled this explanation from another website. Please ICE your phone today!

Paramedics are asking that everyone add at least one additional entry to their cell phone contacts list. Please add an ICE entry. ICE stands for In Case of Emergency. This number should dial the person in your family that can respond to medical decisions if you are injured or incapcitated.

If you are in an accident, paramedics know to check your phone for your emergency contact information. Imagine taking a look and trying to figure out who to call out of the twenty or more numbers on your phone. By adding a contact entry that's designated as an emergency contact number (ICE), you can make their job much easier and possibly save your own life.

So program an ICE entry on your cell phone today, as a matter of fact, pull it out right now as you're reading this article. If you have more than one person the paramedics can contact in case of an emergency, you can add additional ICE numbers to your list. Your primary contact should be listed under ICE, then you can add the other contacts under ICE1, ICE2, ICE3, etc.After you program ICE into your phone, have your spouse, your kids, your parents, and your friends do the same thing. If there are people in your life that you care about, they should all have ICE on their phones.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

poor poor dogs

the real world hit us all this week - HARD
back to work - early in the am and meetings after work everyday too - GAH
Sally's allergies are bugging her - and I left her meds in PEC
My dear husband is on a two night business trip - Hank is SAD
There is little sun - Thea is cold
the bunnies are out of sight - Hank is bored
no walks on the beach- everybody (me too) misses them
no playing agility - Sally is sad, Brody is missing treats and Thea just wonders why

poor dogs must wonder what happened

so they sleep and sleep and sleep (and eat!)