Saturday, July 26, 2008

another stormy day in PEC

man oh man
rain, thunder, lightening, rain and then a little more rain


I haven't done agility for a month really (dragged the chute out twice I think)

tomorrow Team Challnge has been cancelled :( as the fields have flooded

I weed for two minutes between dourpours and get SOAKED

only good news is Sally's staples are out - and so far the foot is mostly holding together- tak eit easy is not in her vocab tho ;)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Poor Sally

she is still feeling sorry for herself and often sore too

she is exhausted (wonder if that's the antibiotics?) which helps keep her quiet and off her foot but makes my heart ache for her

we are supposed to have a team challenge on Sunday but she has done exactly one chute since the last challenge a month ago (a MONTH ago - what has happened to this summer)

I'd better get organized and print off some entry forms for August or I'll find myself agility retired before I even really get going ;)

Monday, July 14, 2008

cpe page updated :)

and Sally ran the jackpot faster then Brody and got more points... way it should be but very nice to see

and little Thea just keeps plugging away at it all

they've posted the requirements for next years nationals - Brody needs
a jackpot leg, a fullhouse leg and a jumpers leg - it might just be doable ;)

Friday, July 11, 2008

some days...

should just be written off before they begin

the saddest bit for now is Bob (dear little Bob from way back in Feb blog) went to a new home - it seems he went into renal failure pretty shortly thereafter and only got to spend two weeks being a prime dog

he died on Thursday

life just SUCKS sometimes

he really was a dog I thought I'd live with for years ..

another sudden shock too..

Sally is now sporting a very pretty yellow bandage with a lovely little pink flower on it covering a neat row of staples in her foot pad...

how did she cut it? a sensible question that has no answer - there is nothing sharp I can see around.. there is no pool of blood showing me where she did it - it just was there - jagged, gaping HORRIBLE

Dr Au - thank heavens fit us right in and Sally was her usual way too stoic self - only a little yipping when the lidocaine went in apart from that she just pushed herself into me - at one point staring at the ceiling like there was nothing going on ..too funny

and dear Kaylie cat continues to fade - slowly slowly into the night she goes ...

too young, too adored, too sad

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Fitz is back - with the invasion of Harrison's this weekend I sent as many of the dogs away as I could. Mum borrowed Brody and Thea - she's done it before so I wasn't too worried. I left dear sweet fading Kaylie cat at home with Nancy doing regular visits and worry about her. I had left Bob at Shelly's. I asked Dad and Jean to try Fitz- with grave reservations - not about Dad and Jean but about Fitz...well he wasn't perfect - he puked a couple of times and the house training in a new house thing caught everybody out once or twice but Dad called Fitz sweet it couldn't have been too bad! Fitz was thrilled to see us - he's back to trying to boss Hank around and chasing his toys and just generally bouncy but he obviously had a nice visit. Somewhat reassuring when I need to find him a real home - and sooner would be better then never.

Bob has gone to a real home - amazing but so far so good - so fingers crossed he sticks. I really thought it would be Fitz in a forever home and Bob coming back here but it's not to be.

Fitz is offering to jump - he's not a tidy jumper yet but he's enthusiastic and has fun bouncing back and forth - like everything else he gets too excited about it all but so far it's not a problem.
I want to get my tunnel set up so I can start him on that soon too!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Some pictures of team challenge

hehe andy jones ( took em - Nancy figured out how I can show em off - nice of them both eh?

I had to include Sally's start line stay - just in case I never get another one ;)

team challenge

now that was cool - Dawn at Morningstar has set up a cool event - it's called the team challenge and the way it works is teams run dogs - 3 dogs scores count towards the points for matter how many dogs you have running - 2 of those scores must be starters level dogs ....

I took all three dogs with me - thank heavens as I ended up being the third person with dogs 4,5,and 6 to appear for our team ... gave us a few scores to toss (dogs 2 and 3 at starters level actually)

Sally was very good in her first standard run - she got five I ran her last and ran the aframe the same way I do with Brody - so she lept off it - when you teach a dog a cue for touch it's kind of important to use it! she was steady and listened well - held her start line stay and did weaves and the teeter like a pro!

Brody was clean- a little slow but his usual steady self

Thea and I ran past the teeter - on purpose - apart from that she was PERFECT

Second standard run

Thea was PERFECT - weaves and teeter - no problem - just amazing - I actually held the teeter for her and opened the chute for her but 10 faults was just fine

Sally was insane - it took so long to get a table (she'd do three seconds then sit up - then three again then sit up again) we ended up running out of time - so had 5 obstacles we didn't do (100 faults right there) and 5 faults before the table debacle... she did the weaves and teeter no problem tho

Jumpers run

Thea - AMAZING - 26 seconds and clean as a whistle

Brody- steady 34 seconds and clean - he really doesn't like the heat

Sally - crazy - I kept having to ask for more focus and steadying her - 56 seconds but she was clean

Gamblers run

Brody earned about 56 points- he got the gamble but he was just tooling along

Thea flew it - aframe twice, dog walk twice, 4 point jump twice, and a couple of singles too she must have earned around 56 points too when she got the gamble! Woohoo

Sally was a bit maniacal - she lept off all contacts but was listening and trying - left all rails up flew tunnel- did nice start line stay and got the gamble - I didn't actually score her - not sure how many times we didn't get the contacts .. she did four aframes, 2 dogs walks, the 4 point twice, a teeter, a tunnel, a single -and the gamble - I actually doubt she got the 20 points in the opening but for Sally I was pleased with her efforts

interesting day all round

our team was second in both standard runs, third in gambles and first in jumpers - and Thea was a BIG part of that I think ;)

and Sally may have had a score counted I'm not sure

finally all the guests are gone - dogs are dead tired and I'm missing Fitz (thanks to dad for taking him!)