Sunday, February 24, 2008

a bit off topic....

though getting around the kitchen was an agility course of a sort.. we had to have the entire sink system repaired

I love old houses, I love old houses...

Great plumber - from St Petersberg and smart enough to think Tallin is the most beautiful city in Europe

last Monday night agility practise was great ... all three pooches got a work out and all three of them loved it :)

it's been a crazy start up to the semester but most of our students head out to placements next week :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

another snowy wednesday

the winter has been wild - snow piles everywhere...
enough to make a person CRAZY!

Brody, Thea and Sally all had good runs on Sunday although we didn't get any qualifying scores...

Brody ran in steeplechase and was just a couple of seconds too slow ..
his jumpers run I dropped him at a tunnel.. DUMB as the run was flawless apart from that and in his standard run he added an extra chute to his run - flawless otherwise and well under time even with the added obstacle so I'm fairly confident he'll do his part once I get used to the more technical courses!

Thea ran a gamblers course and while suspicious of the people moving around she ran fast and hard and apart from one pause on the top of the aframe to check for monsters she was GREAT! She earned the 20 points she would have needed to have the q.. but the gamble was too hard for her.

Sally ran a WICKED gamblers course- she got the mini gamble twice and LISTENED ... I run out of steam part way through running her though - which gets her barking and circling me ... always something to work on .. she earned a total of 34 points and very nearly got the gamble (I'm delighted she didn't - she's NOT ready for advanced anything yet)

Next trial is March 1 - a CPE trial the far side of Kingston - should be fun and motivating for us all :)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Another Title Ribbon

Brody got his last advanced standard run Q!(Which makes him a Veterans Advanced Agility Dog Of Canada - and gave us a lovely ribbon to boot!)

He will now be running in the enormous masters courses in standard :)
He is already running in masters jumpers and he got his FIRST Masters snookers Q this trial too... in his FIRST try - yah to pat saito for the great plan!

she pointed out that we could open at the start line - hit the 5 pointer, hit another red, redo the 5 pointer, then another one the aframe for 6 points, another red then 4 then start the course - the flow was BEAUTIFUL... Brody had extra points in the bank..

So he is masters standard, jumpers, and snookers and we haven't even tried advanced gamblers or team yet ;)
We'll see what happens ... but he's already acheived everything I thought he could when we started :)

Sally had fun and is slowly getting better and better too :)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

a sad little dude

This sad little fella is Bobby. Orginally known as "Bob the blob" he has realized there is more to life then being a blob!
Out of a shelter that had some sympathy for a tempermental sad painful little soul we were very worried that he was suffering. Testing to date show little of grave concern - most of his conditions can be explained by being a little old man!
His temperment is quickly settling into a sunny one. He is happy to meet and greet cats, dogs and people as long as it's slow! He is quite blind and quite deaf but quickly turning into a little charmer!
He'll need daily eye medication (like so many of his breed he suffers from dry eye) and TLC. Medicated baths should get his coat healthy and patting and sunshine will help too!

Hopefully very soon he'll find a wonderful forever home where he can be happy and contect for the rest of his days!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

sophie and sally

sitting in the crate at Royackers hoping I'd spring them soon- they are sisters and both alike and so so different :)