Monday, August 24, 2009

Judges clinic number 3

8 judges - 2o some odd dogs - a hot sunny day - lots of laughs and hugs - it was good to be back amoung friends ..

Sally was SILLY - OH my SILLY - missed a dog walk contact, did beautiful teeters and tunnels I have to say - we didn't do weaves at all .. she was fun and not too sniffy mostly

Thea scared me half to death - she did a teeter fly off from the very top of the board .. as I was calling her off - she did great aframes and tunnels and the chute too - YAY

Brody was hot and walked quite lovely courses - he is too funny sometimes
he was under 12 inches at both measuring stations so I am going to have him remeasured ...

lots of fun - made me sad actually - I wish I could figure out a healthy balance of agility and life for us all

Friday, August 14, 2009

for Lucy and Walters Mom and anybody coming to Prince Edward County

I'm revealing a secret here .. a pretty well kept secret so it's a good thing this blog doesn't get a ton of visitors ;) But my dear blog buddy over @ asked for more info on "my beaches"

These beaches are usually so quiet I can take wildly reactive to dogs Hank with me and let him run off leash ...there are great spots to wade and paddle, and swim and picnic and teach dogs to swim

Its the Point Petre (pronounced Peter) area of the county - right at the south western tip ...

There are paths through woods you can walk on (just listen for the odd atv) and it's just a lovely spot

you drive down 24 (Point Petre Road) past the first land we owned in the county .. and when you some to a possible left turn onto Army Reserve road you have options - you can go straight then hang a right along any of the tracks you see or you can go left then right along any of the tracks you see .. if there are people at the end of the track at the water you can park and say and walk the dogs or you can carry on to another spot

Be careful if it's really wet - you could get stuck and I can't imagine how CAA would ever find you :) Camping is illegal but you may find some folks camping (we never have and I don't recommend it) .. everybody gets along down there - at least when I've been and tries to leave the place a little cleaner than they found it ..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

alternate titles for this blog...

Brody the Rockstar

because truth be told, he is

there is nothing he can't do and nothing he won't do if asked nicely -media interviews, playing a variety of dogs on tv including a female (with a PINK bow I'll have you know!) digging ina garden (with 5 minutes to teach that trick!), nursing homes, agility, playing at a farm dog you name it he does it and he does it well .. even if he is a little cranky to wake up :)

The Misadventures of Miss Sally

fitting of course because so much of my life the last three years has involved Sally and her trials and tribulations

  • saving sally in the first place (hours of writing in that story)
  • training a brainaic
  • dogs that are smarter than they should be

  • dogs that eat VERY bad things

  • dogs that do very crazy things

  • living with such joy in your life

My Boring Life

not boring to me but somedays it's hard to think of what to write ..especially when I've had a break from agility for far too long!

I Wish I Was Playing Agility

well that could just be the theme song for the last year :)

Monday, August 10, 2009


Dogs are good for lots of things: entertainment, love, companionship, an excuse to exercise - many many things. One aspect of living with dogs I don't often consider is the value of protection.
Many years ago I was dog sitting my aunt and uncle's dog Jenny and was walking her quite late at night through a local park. Now I was young and quite often out and about late at night so this was really nothing special. However, that night, Jenny who was just a sweet lovable lab type mix was very alert to the chap walking behind me in the park. She hung behind me, made hard eye contact with him a number of times and grumbled at him. He followed us for a little but then quite suddenly gave up walking on the lot path and struck out across the park on the rough grass (not a way to get to anywhere). I'm still not sure if we alarmed so much he's still lost or if he had nefarious thoughts- either way I'm grateful to Jenny for protecting me- at least in her mind.

Two nights ago I let the dogs out a little later than usual. Sally silently took off FLAT out for the chicken coop. Weird I thought in the 1 second of peace I had. Then Brody and Hank started to run for the same location except they were growling and barking. By the time we got out there all seemed calm except a pair of nail marks on the side of the coop and the latch for the door being knocked down. Scary. I'm even more sure that the dogs averted a disaster (to us and the chickens) Friday night than I am Jenny saved me.

What good dogs!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


on a different computer than usual

which has very cute sleeping dog pictures on it and my favourite "portrait" picture of me at a beach I love with some of the family around me

Hank chillaxing after a hard day at the farm

Hank and Sally sharing a corner of the couch pretending they are much smaller than they are

Hank, Brody and me at Point Petre ..