Monday, August 24, 2009

Judges clinic number 3

8 judges - 2o some odd dogs - a hot sunny day - lots of laughs and hugs - it was good to be back amoung friends ..

Sally was SILLY - OH my SILLY - missed a dog walk contact, did beautiful teeters and tunnels I have to say - we didn't do weaves at all .. she was fun and not too sniffy mostly

Thea scared me half to death - she did a teeter fly off from the very top of the board .. as I was calling her off - she did great aframes and tunnels and the chute too - YAY

Brody was hot and walked quite lovely courses - he is too funny sometimes
he was under 12 inches at both measuring stations so I am going to have him remeasured ...

lots of fun - made me sad actually - I wish I could figure out a healthy balance of agility and life for us all

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