Tuesday, October 27, 2009

another dog who will NEVER do agility ...

This is Kismet

He isn't old but he is "special". He is blind (mostly); he spins in circles; he can't wear a leash; and he is one weird and wonderful litle dude.
He needs to find a new forever home that will love him to pieces and let his real personality shine. He is getting more confident and more affectionate day by day. Sometimes fostering is pretty darn rewarding.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Full circle?

we may have a new dog .. a golden retriever .. did I want a golden? not really but sometimes fates conspire and things just ARE ..
Sampson appears to be a just is

WE have loved sporting dogs as a family for a long time .. our first dog was an irish setter, my aunt and uncles have lived with spaniels and goldens and my first dog as an adult was a golden .. a sporting dog with a love of running and a soft malleable temperment suits us it seems .. smart but not nearly as smart as a herding dog (SALLY!) active but able to relax in the house.. keen but not desperate .. I'm hoping Sampson fits in well for many years

does a golden do agility?
don't know and don't care
Brody is coming up 9 so probably won't play too many more years but Thea at 6 and Sally at three both potentially have lots of years left to train, compete and play .. if Sampson is a good agility dog that's awesome but I'm no rush - I have lots of work left with the three that do have some training ;)