Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let's Get the Party Started

What a fun weekend being guinea pigs for the poor new acc judges was. It was freeeeezing which Brody and Thea were NOT impressed by. They thought lying on an iceberg was NO kind of fun but ran well apart from that. Sally had a blast and tried so HARD to be good - I was chilled to the bone but felt it was well worth the long drive and cold!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lovely weekend

Didn't do a darn thing in a formal sense with agility training ... marked and rewarded attention from all dogs and did fitness work but apart from that we were all mellow in front of fire ;) Picked up the teeter totter - thanks Jennifer! Hoping the space thing works soon as the truck is FULL!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

oops meant to include pictures ;)

The big picture of Sally is from over a year ago when she was at death's door. Her eyes are twinkling here but she was one unhealthy little girl. She had parasites she couldn't shake, intestinal issues that prevented her getting any value from food, and an immune system that was non exsistent! The small picture is her this fall blasting through a tunnel on course and full of herself!
The difference is truly amazing.

another night of fun fun fun

well apart from the essay that is! Got my marks and comments in on time- always a challenge for me... and then headed off to agility class.
Sally is a wild woman there- of course I realized on reflection that she gets wound up then gets to run ... guess I'll have to speak up and sit out a turn if she's getting too wired

Wild can be good though too - she was hitting the 2 x 2 weaves from anywhere - ANYWHERE and wrapping around the last pole to see what a good job she'd done

She was enthusiatic about everything in fact :)

She's a quick little monkey - as Nancy pointed out last night if she'd stayed in her adoptive home and healed they wouldn't have known what to do with her ( she was adopted because she was so laid back - HAHAHAHA)

Monday, November 05, 2007

essay writing - NOT

still working on the never ending essay but found some quotes that cracked me up - my favourite : "Old agility trainers never die, they just weave, teeter and tire!" while I'm not old that just plain amuses me :) Back to work ;)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

pictures of the agile crew doing what they love to do

Top picture is Brody - 7 years old and a real troooper - he likes agility just fine but he LOVES making me happy. We started trialing in April and he has earned himself starters "qs" in everything but team and snookers (snookers has been very close a couple of times) advanced qs in jumpers and one standard. In CPE he has earned 15 qs in 17 outings - and if I had been on the game he would be 17/17!
Little Thea isn't sure this is the game for her but she's just started out and has a lovely collection of ribbons anyhow - we'll take it slowly with her and just enjoy the game!
Miss Sally hasn't even really started yet but already she's frighteningly good! This picture is her LEAPING at her very first trial ever- a CPE trial which she found fun and the crowd found her entertaining too! She was a bit wild but settled as the weekend progressed and did some just incredible work.

Number 2 Nov. 4th

Who but a true agility addict would be excited about getting a teeter totter for their birthday?
not too many people I think!
Had a great weekend doing not too much of anything..built some more jumps though which was cool. Reread Shaping Success (instead of doing my essay!) and did some work with Sally and Brody. Brody was whipping through the weaves.. and Sally actually HELD a start line stay before a tunnel - incredible!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Blog Day One - aka November First

This is probably my favourite picture of Brody doing agility so far! Kathyn's sister took it - pretty amazing timing for her first time doing agility pictures. Really can't express how much joy playing this sport gives me. It's a connection to the dogs - something I have always enjoyed and it's a great physical release. I find it very stress relieving. It's great for me to get back into competition too - I am finding I am more patient in life with agility as an outlet too.