Saturday, July 05, 2014

Trying a little something ....

I have written a lot about the mental game of agility .. the mental game of training and competing in a broader context too ...
I am launching an online course on Mind Matters to help people understand the way their minds work and influence their relationships with animals. A huge component will be dealing with stress in training and showing too. I've been letting this percolate for a very very long time and am very excited by the way the pieces fell into place.

The rough syllabus looks like this - tho it's adaptable - and people who have signed up have already made great additions to it

Identifying your style – learning, personality, introversion; how to use what you learn in your life 
Planning for success ; Training for Success;  Understanding the brain and it's influence - keeping your brain as healthy as possible 
Finding Focus; Training for Failure; Memory and its role in success - making courses and plans work for you
Identifying  the concerns;  Coping techniques:  visualization, mantras and keywords; what to do if and when it gets derailed
Creating your Personal Plan, Filling in the little details, Testing Your Plan, Revising Your Plan, Doing your plan
Making it all work for you: short, medium and long term; Different Types of Healthy Goal Setting
plus whatever other amazing things get added in by students and myself 

There will be lots of case studies, discussions of research ( I am a total brain research nerd!) and time to consider individual issues, book and article reviews and discussion as well as lectures and assignments. With two awesome folks lined up to give their own unique feedback, amazing students already signed up and my brain exploding with additions to the course

My goal now is to have a small in person workshop in the fall too but it would be amazing if people who wanted to come to that did the front end work on line-  there is a lot that will work really well with this format  with a seminar in person as follow up.

I'm excited! If you are interested in joining in let me know and I'll get you the info - as it's a first time using this format it's a very reasonable cost too!