Friday, November 18, 2016

Seasons change ... and so must I

Here comes winter.


Urban winter was often wet, and cold, and miserable.

Rural winter is often beautiful and striking and cold and a little frightening.

In the city we holed up and turned up the heat and ran from covered, heated space to covered heated space.

Here we all bundle up, light a fire earlier and earlier and shovel. A Lot. A Whole Lot.

I used to hate winter pretty passionately. I am not a fan of being cold.
I still don't like being cold but I love warming up. Winter makes me appreciate so much in life.

The early early dark? That's a whole other story!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

did you miss us?

The lovely and infinitely wise blogger entity shut me out of the blog. Yes. Again. Sigh. I'm BAC K though - and that makes me happy!

Probably a good thing I was  locked out as life was a bit crazy with a bunch of online courses, a new rescue, the farm and then a friend recovering from surgery who needed me to fill in for her. FDSA is on break until December first which is lovely and lets me do some other writing. December first is the fourth iteration of what I think of as my most foundation building  course ... All in Your Head.   it's the course that sets the frame work for the toolbox metaphor and it helps people figure out who they are and what tools might be the best for them to test and use. While I originally thought it was for people with ring nerves and stress it turns out it's fairly universally applicable and many people have gotten much more out of it than they, or I, anticipated.

There is also a little course I have running on a different platform as it works for anybody not just dog sports or horse sports people ... I've called it Hitchhiking Your Way to Time Management Success with 42 Tips and even though I'm still getting used to the platform we are having a lot of fun with it. I made it super accessible (that is CHEAP) and then am further slashing the first fifty sign ups because I know I will be tweaking with them .... 

is the link - and the coupon should you be  one of the first fifty people to sign up  is FIRST50 which takes $5 off the price (to bring it to $9) (and yes - there are still coupons available)

I ran a little course to review the toolbox - tons of fun - will certainly offer it again ... and am writing a horse course and a grief and loss course right now. Busy fun days.

Never too busy to love on the dogs mind you - lots of great walks and plays and chores with them as you can see!