Sunday, September 02, 2018

Getting on Track ...

Sigh - here it is Labour Day weekend and another summer has slipped past - it's been a good one ... lots of love, laughter  and inevitable challenges.

Sally is doing her August relapse  thing whatever it is - and this year for the first time there is  quite a bit of pain - and that hurts my heart. A. Lot. Sally is a trooper though and wants to be active. She's a dog and a half I tell you. (just search her name in this blog for plenty of evidence of that!)

Anyhow - far enough down the Sally rabbit hole  (8 years of blogging mostly about her - I'll never be done) back to human concerns ...

For me September is often a New Year's of sorts - all my years in the school system as a student, and then working in it has made my system to respond to this weekend with a self check in. How am I doing with the 4 Agreements?

My mind runs through a bunch: what have I accomplished? What would I like to do with my time, energy and money in the next year? How are my animal partners doing? What do they need from me? How are my relationships? Any need repair or attention?  How is my quest to find peace through those four agreements going?  Am I continuing to be Kind, Consistent and Thoughtful to the best of my ability? Heck  - am I remembering to be the best me possible even in the face of challenges?

I check in with my motivation - where are any blocks? Are direction, intensity or persistence an issue?  If I find one or more  I will get up off the couch, create a play list that will push me a little, and set some goals for how long and what I want to accomplish in training, writing and life. 

Are there people I am struggling with? What can I do to overcome the thoughts that might be interfering with my understanding of their motivations. I am fortunate now in that I truly do assume the best of intentions for people unless proven otherwise. That shift in thinking has been a tremendous asset to this aspect of my annual check in.

For everything I want to do I take the time to consider why that whatever has made the list - is the motivation for putting it there internal (just for me - that actually covers more ground than you'd think at times) external (doing it for someone else) or affiliative (because of relationships that matter to me)?  I suspect the motivation experts who taught me did not anticipate that affiliative goals would include thinking about the dogs and horses and their needs and wants as well as the people in my life.

I take the time this weekend to set at least three process goals - and three outcome goals . Two for life, two for dogs and two for the horses.  I am not a New Year's Eve resolution person - for me they backfire and mean disappointment and frustration with myself  but 6 goals give me a little direction for the year. I am a flexible goal setter anyhow - if things need to change that won't bother me (though the reason for the change in plan might) so I can set aim at those goals.

How do you spend your long weekend?