Monday, July 20, 2009

this is training at it's best

out for a walk - see a ball - send Sally to a tunnel and a good ball toss for an ocd tunnel
out weeding - realize I have cookies in my pocket - work weave entries with Brody twice and carry on
collecting forage for the chickens and rabbits - work on stay and wait with everyone
washing something at garden hose- practise table with Thea

geez if we keep it up we may not completely embarrass ourselves if we ever get back out in public ;)

yah - right now - life is good

Friday, July 10, 2009

Super Sally...

yes it's true Sally can be a goof ball

barking at people standing still, leaping off a deck, climbing shelves to get chewing gum, opening fridges...just a few of her adventures that make me go ACK

Sally is a little drivey- she once had her nose rammed onto a touch plate so hard she couldn't eat her reward ... she will slam into a touch on the stairs if I look at her when she comes down.. I can send her to tunnels from 50 feet out when she's ON.. she's a lot more drivey than I'd choose if truth be told ...

but sometimes Sally is just SO MUCH fun

take today I had one jump set up and a fairly straight tunnel off to one side and away from it

like this maybe:



we practised jumping the jump from all kinds of angles, then jump and tunnel (either end) then tunnel and jump ... out, over, tunnel, here,
she just NAILED every jump and every entry ... she really is a little super star ... she was freaking SAILING over the 26 inch height .. she's all of 18 inches at the shoulder ;)
the jump was a single bar she could easily have run under .. it was skinny .. she was awesome