Wednesday, January 30, 2008

and the beat goes on ...

and on and on
Monday night practise was fun - Brody and Sally were both excellent ... we worked on a pinwheel tunnel combo and I could send both of them from quite a long way out - YAY!

Considering this is exam week - often seen as a break for teachers - I've been BUSY really BUSY..meeting after meeting about all kinds of different things. I must not forget the magic word "no" and the peace it can bring me.But starting new things is also exciting and fun and part of why I made the move to Campbell so I'll enjoy the journey when I can too :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

another trial

Sally's second aac trial was this past weekend outside Guelph- now that's crazy drive ...luckily the weather was good! Brody stayed home and was MOST unimpressed - he would only have had one class and I wasn't sure of the site set up - turns out he would have been fine but it was good to focus on Sally. The first class was a bit silly - it was a team class with sophie and both sisters thought playing with each other was a way more interesting thing to do then run in the trial! The gambers class was next and Sally stayed focused and with me - she earned 21 points in the opening ( needed 20) and got the first gamble obstacle .. she missed the tire though ... but I was very very pleased with her run :) Snookers wasn't quite so good- she did a couple of nice obstacles then went off course which is instant dismissal only in snookers ..but she had a good day, I had a good day and I'm pleased! Sophie had a good day too - though she got weird about jumping at the trial - I really think it was a stress thing.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

things are looking up

the dogs are feeling better and the fridge lock held ... thank heavens :)

Maybe I can get Sally doing a little work tomorrow ...fingers crossed!

If you get a chance check out Brody's aac page on the upper left side of the blog! It just got updated to reflect the January trial... GO BRODY GO!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sally's turn for a saga

HOW could I forget that Sally learned to let herself out of a crate a year ago? Her newest trick (tried Monday and repeated today) is opening the fridge and inviting the dogs to a feast...she is so bloated and logy I feel sorry for her. Hoping she bounces back in time for agility Sunday - she's now had two weeks off training basically so the trial will be a joke I'm sure! On a happier note Gus is healing beautifully - despite being able to remove her collar.. luckily she's crated so she'll rest more so she didn't get into the fridge parteeeeeee ;)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gus's saga

poor Gus had surgery yesterday - to remove a foreign body. A weird little organic plug of something - maybe a decoration? or something bizzarre... she has HUNDREDS of stitches now - including in her intestine. It was an interesting surgery to watch.. I've seen too many lately though it seems. Dr Au removed a broken tooth and did a quick dentistry too as Gus's teeth were covered in tartar and the exploratory surgery had gone so relatively quickly. (She was under for about an hour) She was very slow to wake up and very stoned all night. I am looking forward to getting her this afternoon though - she sleeps better here even in a crate! She's got a collar on and will have to wear one when she can't be watched (can you imagine if she opened her insides up again- I'd die) but luckily I will be able to organize things to watch her pretty closely. It's amazing to me i haven't actually had to go through this before... and if I was going to do this I would have thought it would have been one of the piggy lab mixes or Sally who would put me through it! Not smart little goosey Gus... ahhh well life's a learning curve and this has happened now for a reason! Think good thoughts for the naught gal and quick healing! The agility dogs have missed their workouts this week - they are DYING to get back into it... hopefully I cna work them when Gus is snoozing ;)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

sometimes life just sucks

Gus is SICK - really sick. Scary sick. Make you CRAZY sick and there is no diagnosis. Which makes you even crazier. There is no way to know how much this will cost. How long it will go on. How crazy it will make me.


Thinking best thoughts for the little angel who just got renamed Cassie by Nancy - who had pretty well decided to add a dog to her life til this smacked us upside the head....


Sunday, January 13, 2008


have I mentioned Brody isn't much of a gambler? (Well I'm not either so maybe it makes sense) We attended a workshop this weekend that was HARD work for Brody. He's used to being a superstar at class so that was a new experience for us - I felt badly holding everybody back but still learned a ton about my weaknesses and things to keep in mind for gamblers classes so that was great and worthwhile. Sally had a great time working on her chute skills too so that made it even more worth it :) yay Kathyn yay Janet

Sunday, January 06, 2008

What a start to 2008!

Sally and Brody and I went to Morningstar trial in Kingston on Friday and Saturday. Thea was off and on lame so she had to stay home but I think she enjoyed being cuddled in front of the fire. Brody was in a funny mind set - but so was I so it seemed fair to me. He did pull together 2 VERY nice snookers runs in the advanced level (one of Brody's sweeps) and earned one advnaced standard leg so he only has one leg left at that too. He's run very few advanced classes - maybe 4 -5 tops so to have 2 legs done is great. His q rate is rapidly improving but even more importantly he's having a blast!His masters jumpers runs were pretty darn ok too - he fell for one trap in the first run but was fast... second run was slow and careful - and went 5 seconds over time but sped up as the course went on. Sally was attacked - badly and frighteningly by a dog who left the ring to get her. Sally only tried to get away and was totally submissive and appropriate (though she screamed very loudly) . The judge has written a report asking that the attacking dog be banned- be interesting to see if I hear anything about it. She is recovering quite nicely - thank heavens but it really was very traumatic for a whole lot of people and dogs.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Years

here is to a wonderful 2008 for everybody!

Rather then making resolutions today I'm thinking about goals for 2008.

Personally I'd like to continue to do my dayjob with accountability and compassion. I want to iniatiate new proograms and contribute to those coming up in the ranks behond me.

On the home front I'd like to be a bit more domestic - keep a tidier and cleaner house and make time for the people and animals who matter to me...

On the agility front

Thea - continue playing the game with the spirit of game in my heart - enjoy what I get but not pressure her for more - in CPE I plan to stay in level one until she's busting to move up
I will not overface her or be pressured into rushing her.

Sally - take each day with fun and opportunity to grow. See how the trials go. I'd love to take her to the regionals but if that isn't the cards thats ok. Earn all her CPE Level One titles and her aac starters titles by year end.

Brody - attend CPE nationals, ontario regionals. Earn Master Jumpers title and AADC title, get into masters snookers and masters team. Enjoy the journey not obsess about the results.

those random thoughts really are my goals - at least at this moment ;)