Monday, January 28, 2008

another trial

Sally's second aac trial was this past weekend outside Guelph- now that's crazy drive ...luckily the weather was good! Brody stayed home and was MOST unimpressed - he would only have had one class and I wasn't sure of the site set up - turns out he would have been fine but it was good to focus on Sally. The first class was a bit silly - it was a team class with sophie and both sisters thought playing with each other was a way more interesting thing to do then run in the trial! The gambers class was next and Sally stayed focused and with me - she earned 21 points in the opening ( needed 20) and got the first gamble obstacle .. she missed the tire though ... but I was very very pleased with her run :) Snookers wasn't quite so good- she did a couple of nice obstacles then went off course which is instant dismissal only in snookers ..but she had a good day, I had a good day and I'm pleased! Sophie had a good day too - though she got weird about jumping at the trial - I really think it was a stress thing.

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