Friday, March 24, 2017

Excuse ME!

Pardon me; forgive me; I didn't get around to it;  the judge doesn't like me anyhow;  it doesn't matter I didn't practice; my dog has never understood that anyhow; well, you know he's the wrong breed for that; she's too soft to be competitive...   the excuse list is long. Endless in fact.

And then there is the whole issue of motivation ... where does your motivation break down? Planning? Direction? Activation? Intensity? Continuation? Persistence?   Ways to get  back on track vary depending on where your challenges are  .. and we can work through and find solutions that will work for you!

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I wish my magic wand would get repaired and back from the shop - life would be so amazing and wonderful if I could just wave it around and some motivation would waft down on people like magic fairy dust ....

or heck even if I had a magic pill to just cut through excuses and get to work ... wouldn't that be awesome! I don't.

Sad eh? But the next best thing I can offer you is the course No More Excuses that I teach over at FDSA  Last time I looked there was one more Gold (working) spot left but silver had room, and bronze is unlimited ...  practice truly helps - and this course gives you lots of opportunities to select and rehearse the things that matter to you! There's lots of thinking,  processing, planning and reporting in the class ... but there are also lots of chuckles - and I can pretty much promise you  - you are NOT alone!

I am going to be a sneaky deaky and let you see the list of course lectures ... some are long and some are short ... but there is some MIND BLOWING science backing up some of the good stuff I share ... it's pretty likely more will get added, and things might move around - students often need things in slightly different orders class to class - and I'm nothing if not flexible and adaptable!

  • Terminology and word choice 
  • The components of motivation 
  • Your blocks may have purpose 
  • Planning an Overview 
  • Blocks and Challenges 
  • Time Management - know yourself 
  • Time Management - planning
  • Time Management - distractions 
  • Time Management - last thoughts! 
  • Finding those Blocks 
  • Andrea's Self Help Rant 
  • Grief ... 
  • Know yourself 
  • Dealing with Disappointment ... 
  • Be good to yourself - Self Care Review 
  • Why rewards can fail and some more on "brain stuff " 
  • Networking 
  • Realistic Optimism 
  • Accountability and The Importance of Record Keeping 
  • The word “Try” 
  • Handling Challenges 
  • Setting your Sails 

I'd love to see you over at NME - I'd love to know what you believe your biggest blocks are - by all means let me know in the comments ...

Saturday, March 18, 2017

a little bit of filming fun

at the farm yesterday

it was for a hoof webinar series for Heart Equine Academy Online Learning for horse people!

I  pulled together a little making of video (there's volume  - but I captioned it too- all the learning all the time!) ... the horses and dogs were amazing ... the barn was scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed  and I think looks pretty darn good ...

Give it a watch and let me know what you think!

I'm going to be teaching over at HEART too - a confidence course - aimed at horse people but lots of great info and tools for anybody struggling with anxiety and fear (In fact we get into the difference between the two). It's a PACKED course ... with more being added all the time ...  fear is so pervasive in horses  - as is anxiety generally .. an auditing spot  is  $50  and  a working spot is $100  (and look at me making links to both levels so easy!) You already know I'd love to see you - but maybe there is another course you'd love to take? (ever wanted to draw better? there's a course for that!)