Monday, March 30, 2009

weaving mania

set up one pair of 2x2 s to see what Sally thought of them - she saw them and RAN a straight line right past them - looked at me and I must admit I LAUGHED at her. She thought for a second then flung herself through the poles properly and barked at me.
She did it again without the bark and I rewarded her fast.. then she did it again and again. I had to take the poles down to stop her. Her obsessions fascinate me.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

another break ends

and it was a good holiday - restorative, balancing and much needed

We haven't solved the problem of Hank - I know what my solution would be but am not willing toimpose it on my husband. We have had a wonderful week; working outside, walking, visiting, eating well, sleeping, reading ~ it's sad it's coming to an end.

Sally is looking good - time off agility has put some weight on her or maybe she's just maturing - hard to believe she was at death's door two years ago.

Brody is feeling great - though he overdid it yesterday and was lame when he got up from his nap. He walked it off quickly though so fingers crossed it was a one off thing.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Toting stuff?

I know when I play agility I always seem to have more stuff than hands - trips back and forth back and forth - car set up spot and back again ...

Terri over at Clay Hill is giving away a HAND MADE tote - how cool is that?

I think a LOT of agility people could use a hand made tote ..

agile dogs and lazy days ...

Nice to be on holidays - been a long time since I've just been able to chillax (as my students say).

Sally is a MONSTER - her ability to be agile must never be questioned - today she was standing on top of a mounting block like a circus elephant - all four feet on it spinning slowly around to see everything she wanted to watch. Yesterday she crashed through and over the brush, rocks and ice dams down at Point Petre. Her life is agility no matter if there are official obstacles in front of her or not!

Brody is feeling much better and tearing around even with his cone on. He ABSOLUTELY will not leave his drain hole alone so must coned pretty much 24/7. He is a hardy boy though (despite being a drama queen) so as long as he's with us he's pretty cool with it all.

Thea is staying with her aunt Judy until we sort out the Hank piece of life. I miss her.

I am amazed at how dry things are already - we were up checking out the site

of the of the new agility yard yesterday. I can't decide how big a training ring should be. 50 X 50 feet? 100 x 50? I really don't know. Input more than welcomed actually as I get ready to mark and mow the area.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

awesome idea

a box of awesome as a give away - how cool eh?

check it out

also neat to see the posts (90 now- yikes) from what people would think is awesome

cannot WAIT for March Break next week ... cannot WAIT

Saturday, March 07, 2009

the hardest thing in the world

about loving someone or something is losing them ...

it hasn't happened yet but it looks like we are losing Hank ....

he has slowly been getting more and more erratic with the other dogs and he nailed Brody last night - badly enough that Brody probably won't be doing agility for three plus months but hopefully he'll be back to normal soon

so so hard to know what is the best thing to do but we owe it to Hank to do what is right by him ...

he is a GOOD dog in so many ways ...

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Farm Style by Clare: Love and Gratitude

Farm Style by Clare: Love and Gratitude

I was reading this post and thinking there is a core of truth in the idea - a gratitude list may help put some of the sadness and grief and anger that is a little overwhelming at times into perspective.

I am grateful for my crazy dogs including wild Brody who is dancing and yipping up a storm lately - he drags me out of any pity party I might want to indulge in
(all of the animals in my life are blessings- they all remind me to get up in the morning and care for and love something beyond myself)

I am so thankful for my family - it is tiny but it is mighty .. sometimes a mighty pain - but I love em anyhow

I cannot imagine life without Tom and Mum - they are the bedrock upon which I rely and depend

Thanks must be offered for all that I have had and lost , loved and lost ..without having "had" I wouldn't know how very grateful to be

My health and wealth are terrific assets I don't count nearly often enough ..