Tuesday, March 17, 2009

agile dogs and lazy days ...

Nice to be on holidays - been a long time since I've just been able to chillax (as my students say).

Sally is a MONSTER - her ability to be agile must never be questioned - today she was standing on top of a mounting block like a circus elephant - all four feet on it spinning slowly around to see everything she wanted to watch. Yesterday she crashed through and over the brush, rocks and ice dams down at Point Petre. Her life is agility no matter if there are official obstacles in front of her or not!

Brody is feeling much better and tearing around even with his cone on. He ABSOLUTELY will not leave his drain hole alone so must coned pretty much 24/7. He is a hardy boy though (despite being a drama queen) so as long as he's with us he's pretty cool with it all.

Thea is staying with her aunt Judy until we sort out the Hank piece of life. I miss her.

I am amazed at how dry things are already - we were up checking out the site

of the of the new agility yard yesterday. I can't decide how big a training ring should be. 50 X 50 feet? 100 x 50? I really don't know. Input more than welcomed actually as I get ready to mark and mow the area.

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