Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the way AAC Regionals work ...

for those who are interested or don't know ...

Regionals are our Agility Association of Canada's way to determine who gets to play at Nationals. In Ontario we have a seven ring two day event. Every dog runs in 3 events each day - a jumper, standard and gamblers class. Jumpers is worth 75 points. Standard is worth 100 points. Gamblers is worth how ever many points you accumulate with an added 35 points if you complete the main gamble. To qualify for Nationals you need to earn at least 350 points. You can earn bonus points for speedy clear rounds but any faults negate any speed bonus. You cannot score a negative score (believe me I checked!)

So two clean standard runs equals 200 points, 2 clean jumpers runs equals 150 points. So a little non gambling dog like Brody can actually qualify for Nationals .. but he needs to be fairly speedy and clear.

A quick dog can have trouble too - an off course counts for a 20 point fault,  so in jumpers 3 off courses reduces your score to 15 in a heart beat. Most other faults are 5: a bar a refusal, a weave refusal etc.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day Two Regional Report

Day Two dawned drizzly and dreary .. and I watched it happen. I left home at 5 am to be on site for the 6:30 general walk through. To say I would be peeved to get lost on a course at regionals is a gross understatement. This year there really was little risk of that although each course had some challenges and I did watch people and dogs (both together and separately) go off course. In fact the jumpers run (last of our runs) had a NUMBER of off course potentials.

Class one was gamblers and there weren't a lot of ways to wrack up points without doing contacts. I wasn't doing them with Brody (he was tired) and I wasn't wasting the time with Sally (though in hindsight I should have risked a missed contact to get the drive I wanted.

Brody's run was first. We ran up the centre line doing a spread, tire and the four point jump, repeated the four point jump then double, teeter, jump jump, jump double ... 11 obstacles for all of 23 points - DOH .. the actual gamble was a no hoper for B - a jump at a 90 degree angle to weaves  then a far end tunnel. I tried and Brody was  ummm NO.

Sally's gamblers class was her only truly ugly class of the weekend  - we weren't connected properly off the start line - I suspect because I really felt I had no plan in place. We did the same start as Brody - although I forgot to repeat the 4 point jump, Sally knocked a one point rail and stopped dead after clearing the double. She turned around and carefully smelled it from top to bottom then carried on. She chose the dog walk - and held a beautiful contact on the bottom - the best static contact of the weekend (her teeters were good). She also weaved beautifully - sadly the whistle went with 3 poles to go. We did not get the weaves on the final gamble though we were much closer than Brody. She earned 23 points too. Very odd. Good learning though - lots of it!

Our next class was standard. Lots of ways to mess this run up ... and Brody was foot perfect. Not super speedy but his rock star self. He absolutely saved me once. He earned bonus points even so he was fast enough :) Sally's run was not quite as smooth. She bailed off the aframe from one step down - whoops! Luckily she was connected to me and caught the cue for the sharp turn for the tunnel. She read the jump tunnel tunnel dogwalk beautifully and got her dog walk contact. She got called for 2 refusals for the weaves although I'd swear she only curled out of them the first time as she slipped on the entry. Tire, teeter, jump, jump up to pin wheel was lovely but I just couldn't get where I needed to be for the last line. I had no idea how to steer her so she ended up dong a S turn. I earned her another R. 20 fault run well under time. It sounds funny to say but I was quite pleased with the run. It was slick, we stayed safe and enjoyed ourselves. Being in the A group was inspirational.. Laura got it right. Even the cameras all around the ring didn't worry us.

Jumpers had a wicked little opening. Brody got it and then my little rock star got peeved with me I told him "Tunnel" as he was already heading for the 14 tunnel. He looked around and happily found the wrong end of the tunnel. Took himself off track and did a beautiful wrong tunnel. He came out laughing - so I had no choice but to laugh and stick him back in then carry on. He (of course) did the rest of the course beautifully! Stinker... hilarious, sweet, funny little stinker. I think that was the first time in all of our runs he made a point quite that clearly about my inadequacies!
Sally had me terrified - I could feel 6 off course options calling me. I did a funky lead out I didn't see anybody else do and it worked for us  - I shot her over the jump then threadled her back to me - the pinwheel worked as did the 180 but we caught the wrong end of tunnel 8. My fault totally as I couldn't hold all the handling options together for what was a very tricky, fun, challenging opening. She corrected beautifully and then did a lovely lovely job on the rest of the course.

I could not be much happier with the dogs. Brody's 20 fault off course was his only fault all weekend. Sally's second gamblers class was the only urgh with her really. Both dogs ran beautifully and we stayed connected. I would have liked to watch more dogs run but I had a lovely wet weekend. She had a total of 45 faults - I caused 2 refusals, the weave issue, the ONE missed contact (GO Sally) and the offcourse. Not too shabby.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

day one report ...Ontario Regionals ..

Our first day of our first regionals was pretty successful. Brody was great back in 2008 and he was pretty great today too.
Our opening class was jumpers and, like 3 years ago, he rocked it - and earned a few time bonus points - like 10 extra or so. 81 points was a nice start. The course had lots of off course options for bigger striding dogs but if you could get enough speed to front cross it ended up being pretty smooth. Brody read a really nice rear cross fairly late in the course too. Good boy!

Next up was gamblers ... not our favourite course ever but Brody plugged away and did 8 obstacles including the aframe (which he actually bypassed the first run at) and 2 dog walks (being a 5 point obstacle made it worth doing twice). The main gamble was 6 weaves (at not much distance), a jump to a tunnel ( a hard left away) and then 2 jumps. Brody actually made a solid effort to weave. We then did the 2 jumps and partied!! Imagine Brody weaving without me right on top of him! We got 32 points once we applied the vet bonus to our earned 27 points. Not too exciting but any gamble over 20 points makes me happy.

Last class was standard.  Brody ran a nice clean run - not super fast but no heart stopping moments. Just a 3 second bonus ( I think) but I'll happily take it. So, if my math is anywhere near right Brody has about 215 points. Honestly I could have stopped after jumpers and been quite content.

Sally was fun to run ... oh to do her justice some day! Her jumpers run required more rear crosses than ideal for the course so it wasn't pretty but it worked. She is an honest generous soul that's for sure. It ended up not bothering me to run with the A team - in fact watching their handling choices was interesting. And they had moments too - including one of international members proclaiming "OH SHIT" quite loudly. Sally was clean and under time but I'm not sure by how much. Just a second or two I'd guess.She was only  seconds faster than Brody.

Gamblers was interesting with her - I wanted to stay away from yellow but for flow the dog walk made sense. She ended up earning 39 opening points including teeter and two dog walks and if she had had ONE more second she would have earned the closing gamble too - what a dog - what a whole lot of wonder dog!

Standard was not an easy course for a long striding green dog. Sally had one wobble (caused by me of course - after the aframe I was so pleased she got the contact I didn't support the next jump - she did a funky s curve thing to find it - R was called rightfully!) 95 points in standard isn't too shabby though :) her weaves were amazing! Sally is pretty hot on Brody's heels with 209 points if I've calculated properly.

Tomorrow should  be fun. I suspect both dogs will be tired. It's a long day of hanging around for them! Now I'm thinking a little more pressure would be good - I just have to grab my mission and run with intention and all should be OK though.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

are you ever really ready?

I'm always ready and never ready at the same time. Not sure how else to put it but getting my game on involves this unbalanced feeling of did I do enough? do I have the right materials at hand? is my head in the right space? what else can I do? I always feel like there is more to do  ... and of course organizing the home front adds a whole other dimension when I'm going to be away a day or two.

It sounds ridiculous but my BIGGEST stress by far is the other people in the group I am running Sally in. I so feel like a B team player got thrown in with the big guns. I'm thrilled on the one hand - because I'm dying to watch them run and have never gotten to see many of the international members run but on the other hand I'm thinking - oh my word ... if the holes show up (and they probably will - these are tougher longer courses than Sally and I are used to) our B class status will be so apparent.  I'm pretty sure I can focus and do the job I need to do (other people don't worry me generally) but this is going to be another test.* No doubt at all.

Sally ran like a contender last night - fast accurate and she hit all her contacts (tipping off one but hitting it fair and square). I wasn't thrilled with her performance as she needed a BIG reminder as she hit the down sides and I don't like shouting at the dogs but it worked. So now I have to remember to do it this weekend.  I know I should only want her at her fastest most driven speed but I could handle a slightly more thoughtful dog more easily - awful eh? Sally and Brody both weaved like ROCKSTARS .. I was  amazed.

Brody did something he has NEVER done before - he actually  raced  ran ahead of me. He was Brody - steady and accurate -but he was flying ... flying I tell you. What fun! Except of course I don't know how to run him like that ... I just pretended he was Sally and all was good though.

* Seeing one of the ICONS of Canadian agility is in the ring with one of her superstar dogs RIGHT after Sally is probably what provoked this mini melt down ~ anybody need a nice dog to run at regionals? anybody? anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Train the Dog you Run ...

Steady as a rock or
Fast as the wind.

Not the dog you wish you ran,
Nor the dog you trained before.

Work with who you have; and celebrate that every chance you get.
Relationship build til you know your heart will explode.

Patience is a virtue but train perfection.

Push yourself as hard (or harder) than you'll push your dog.

Take care of your dog and be certain to take care of yourself.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

you know you want one ...

Cute pictures will follow when I can lift them off the foster mom's facebook page but we have a litter of NINE gsd mix puppies that turned 6 weeks old yesterday. They have been very lovingly raised by their attentive mom and foster mom. They have been exposed to sounds and surfaces and if they take after mom they will be bright, trainable pooches.

If you need a puppy in your life and don't mind a decent sized mixed breed these might just be the puppies for you. If you wanted I'd even take a set home for a bit to assess for you ... any of you ...

If a puppy isn't in the cards right now  perhaps you need three finches? a budgie? two or three budgies? a guinea pig? a rabbit? a rabbit and a guinea pig? A ring neck dove - or seven maybe even ... kitten ..cat (Siamese, Persian, himilayan, dsh ... you take your pick - all are looking for homes)

anyhow whatever you need I aim to oblige ...

Making a List... Checking it Twice ..

I already know who's going to be naughty!

I have a tote in the back of my truck permanently packed with a couple of toys, a water bowl, a couple of towels (Brody does not like being wet), the sun shades, the manners minder. This tote works for most half day trials - I add water and treats and whatever crating I want for the trial and away we go ...

Regionals requires a little more organization - you can't crate from the car apparently ...I'm staying up near the trial for one and possibly two nights in a house not a hotel which will be fun but requires more stuff ... I may need to set up crating in two spots at trial site as the rescue I work with is tabling there as well so I'd like to be able to have the dogs with me there.. but if they (Brody) won't truly relax there I have been offered a spot under a friends shade tent ... sweet but basically I think I need three sets of crates ... YIIIEEEE

So, Soft crates for the house ... (and honestly, Brody won't be crated there much - he would be terribly offended), wire crates for one spot and hard crates for the other ... I'll see which is closer to the action (and therefore more likely where I'll be to decide which crate goes where)

  • Water bowls for everywhere (and water for everywhere - Sally doesn't need any excuse for a gitchy tummy)
  • food, and treats - more than I think I need
  • toys (including a NEW flying squirrel - anticipate Sally's joy along with me)
  • flexi lead for Sally in case there is no where safe/legal/discreet for off leash walk and games

MUST put a chair or two into the truck ...

for the house I need a heater, bedding, pillow, some basic food

for me  - not much - lots of hair elastics, and a bunch of different shoes - I have trouble finding shoes I can wear multiple days in the summer - my riding/hiking boots are great but they look clunky (see the All About Pets Show pictures for visual proof) at the best of times .. and I don't think I could wear them with shorts, cell phone, charger, changes of cloths, toiletries .. should all fit in a small bag

wonder what I'm missing?? If you see something you'd have to have please let me know ~ thanks :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bounce Brody Bounce!

I write a LOT about playing working Sally and the trials and tribulations in loving the Whole Lotta Dog. Don't think for one second that means Brody is "finished" in any sense of the word.

Brody is a pleasure in his own right, even a treasure! That doesn't mean Brody and I do no play work. One of his favourite games is bouncing side to side trying to predict which way I'm going to take off. I take off and he zooms after me to get his treat. If he doesn't fly at me he gets a pat, a "good dog", but no chow. Being a food hound that annoys him and he zooms faster the next time. We might play this game 3-4 times then move onto something else. I've been working hard to put a standing start line back on Brody. I use it very very rarely but would like to make sure it stays in our tool box. He's been charging to me when we work it so I hope it carries over into the ring at a trial when I use it.

Brody learned the aframe and the dog walk by running to a loaded touch plate at the bottom of each  - I didn't understand the mechanics of 2 on 2 off (had never seen it) so as long as he paused for the treat at the bottom I was pleased. Luckily he's got short enough legs that his behaviour evolved into a natural running frame and dog walk. On the teeter I did exactly the same thing until one day Bman came half off the teeter and it lifted up tossing him off it. So I changed criteria to expecting him to stand on the end and ride it down.  Once it hits the ground he is free to move off it. He has had a couple of dramatic flyoffs over the years but they don't worry him much and it's a rare thing (thank heavens). We probably lose a second or two at the teeter but Brody's safety (he weighs 11 pounds) has to be the most important thing. Saving a second and never running again with him would be awful.

The hardest thing without doubt for ME to master ith Brody was weaving. It was only once I started working Sally that I really understood what the dog needs to do in the poles. That means Brody and I weaved for YEARS without me understanding why independent and on and off side weaves mattered. In turn that means I've got me a one sided, needs support in the weaves, dog. I've tried, as my comprehension improved to retrain the weaves. Brody's confidence has improved but he still wants me on his right side and more or less beside him as we work along them. That can make the following obstacle just a little tricky at times. Luckily Brody usually is balanced enough I can front cross to get into position going into the weaves.

He is a delight to work. He is a pleasure to run. He is a never ending work in progress.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's hard to be Sally ...

 Sally ran a full course last night with toys scattered around. Toys like an empty water bottle, a fuzzy cat toy, a brand new toy and her favourite bumper. I am mean. It's true. But I also need to proof Sally with distractions and not much distracts her at the hall. She actually had to run straight over one toy. She took a couple of large optimistic turns but worked hard and well through out her ordeal.
Her weaves were rocking ..entries from all over the place and she didn't miss one. Contacts worked - dog walk and teeter  beautifully; aframe was ok (as in she got every contact but didn't stick in 2o2o quite the way I'd want)
Brody ran like a pocket rocket. He was up, happy and zipping even though most courses started with a curved tunnel. Certainly not his favourite course opening but you wouldn't have known it last night!
If that was the last night we ran agility before regionals I'd be pleased!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rockin' Sally

Would have been a lovely shot if the sun was out .. apparently stump shots are a west coast thing .. rock photos are a Prince Edward County success. Which seems reasonable given the number of rocks around here. We had the beach to ourselves. Dogs had a fabulous time racing up and down the banks .. in and out of the water .. we didn't last long - it was wet and windy and cool - but it was another visit to paradise, no doubt!

wet wet agility ....

in my Wellies ... good thing it wasn't a trial ...

just worked on "out" with Sally in a couple of different patterns and lateral lead outs

we were soaked ... being a fair weather agility person generally I was quite proud of myself for getting out ...
Brody and I did bouncing start lines (inside)

Big T has taken the big dogs for a road walk ... I'm so lucky to have his help... (for more an awful lot more than just conditioning the dogs truth be told)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Game On ...

I'm tempted to put in print just how far I think Sally will go in game land before she ever earns a standard q. I hope life makes a liar of me but I can easily imagine her running masters gamblers and jumpers classes before I even try another aac standard class. Snookers might take a little longer but once she gets her act together (OK, I jest - WE get OUR act together) I think they might come quite quickly too. The differentiation between starters, advanced and masters snooker does not seem as great to me as in the other classes. I am SURE Sally will be happily earning level 3 CPE Qs before I try another standard with her in that venue - unless I see an aframeless class :)

Just for comparisons sake, and believe me I do NOT compare these two wonder dogs;  it's like comparing apples and socks or something, Brody earned his first game q at his first trial .. his ADC in August and his starters games title in November. Once he got a little speed he was incredibly consistent in both types of class. I knew the standard titles would come first with him as it was fewer classes.

Sally's lawn aframes are getting pretty consistent. She can run down into a 2o2o as long as I'm somewhere along side the frame. She hasn't generalized into doing a recall over the frame yet - and I'm not sure that's a skill I'll need often - though I suppose if a frame was a second obstacle it could be useful. She has bounced off the end of the frame twice but she has only missed the yellow entirely once. (We've done about 35 frames so far).

We worked on pinwheels and start lines today. Brody has a decent start line stay on the lawn.. out of a stand he moves faster than out of a sit or down. I wonder if he'd have it at a trial? Used a toy to wind Sally up and then work stay. She was rock solid which was lovely.  Did a cool three jump pinwheel with threadles ..really tons of fun to play with these dogs!

The new dog bed is proving popular ...

Brody and Sally share beds fairly often - Brody doesn't even swear at Sally too loudly ..

Amazes me this bed is big enough for Sampson and Sally to share - that's a first!

Nobody is brave enough to share with Thea :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

run with intention ...

If ever I forget my mission Miss Sally is all too happy to remind me of it ...

I staggered to a start line this week. Left Sally in a nice stay (which she held no problem) and wandered up the dog walk side (2nd obstacle) released her - beautiful and walked up to the end of the dog walk ... by the time I got there she had done three or four extra jumps and had headed off to sniff along the fence line. I got her back on track but didn't slap myself upside the head. We did a few more obstacles. Better, but again, she was unsure of what I wanted so made up her own agenda (and course!). I actually picked her up and carried her to the aframe to reset her.  I was a little freaked out at this point. Finished the run and it was OK  but didn't feel lovely. Thought about it and realized I had let my immune weakened system run the show.

Enough of that.

Sally weaves at the demo - showing her weird lead changes again
Second run I warmed her up properly - looking for focus and drive and got both. Set her on the start line and we were off. II had every intention of a good run and while it wasn't perfect it was pretty darn sweet. Crazy flippy start line which we nailed a couple of different ways and a cool weave, jump tunnel, jump, weave thing that she and I loved. She stayed attentive, she stayed connected. She got her frame contact. I was much happier. I called it quits right then. ( I had also run Brody twice, 4 runs was probably two more than my immune compromised system should have run!) I must note Brody ran better too when I wrapped my head around finding intention.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

oh Sally ...

It was the big vet visit yesterday for some of the gang ...Brody, Sally and Thea all had their annual checkups ... Brody and Sally got their three year rabies .. Thea got vaccinated .. all got HW tested and blood values checked ... we often catch little anomalies in the blood - for example Brody's kidneys were a little funky twice - a short course of antibiotics turned that around ... (thank heavens)

Now it's Sally's turn to worry us ... her ALT number is way WAY up - more than double the highest normal .. she usually sits around 45-49 and yesterday it was 209. How very scary. It's a liver value ... only one of two is high (her alp is OK apparently). So my lovely conservative vet says she's not clinical (lethargic, vomiting) so we'll wait 4 months and recheck. The first google search I do says high water intake can be an indicator too - and Sally has been drinking lakes full of water lately. Oh No. So I'm leaning towards an earlier check of the blood value. I was just saying to a friend today that really I'm running Sally too early at regionals but if something were to happen to me I would be so sad never to get to run the joyful one at a big event. Maybe a little too prescient eh?

I'm under doctor's orders to take it easy - so yesterday I worked a half day then ended up working at Big T's aunt's getting 18 inches of standing water out of her basement. Today I worked a half day then drove up to do a LITTLE outdoor agility. It was lovely. Sun was shining, dogs were happy.. and once I turned my brain body connection on they ran well too. Brody needed to poop in his first run but he managed to keep it pretty together. Sally was really sniffy at first and quite disconnected but her second run (and moments of her first) were brilliant! I think I'd better go  back to a full day at work tomorrow so I actually do take it easy!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

There's one good thing about snow ...

it makes your lawn look as nice as your neighbours ... so says Cyde Moore (whoever he is)

He doesn't know just how special a lawn can look! I dragged out the teeter and the aframe and put them up on the lawn (the front lawn). they pretty much have to run into each other - they have a L shape (upside down) taking about two 15 foot strips.

Sally is suddenly starting to THINK on the aframe. Amazing. 3 visits to the lawn and I can see her starting to rock back and consider. I've given her LOTS of chances to make mistakes. She's made significant one. My position is still a strong cue for her to drive down into 2o2o position but she is sticking a stay at the bottom. Should be really exciting to get all the equipment in one place! Brody has gone out once (teeter practise only) and was excellent too.

I'll take a picture of my most excellent lawn  before I'm asked to tear it down ...Big T does not like attracting attention to my kind of crazy any longer than needed!

(Did I mention I entered Regionals? I did. 2 dogs. O.M.G)

Saturday, May 07, 2011

it just amuses me

That the at the very bottom of the blog there is a little tiny ad for support for gambling addictions ..  apparently  I've been writing about gambling a little too much lately :)

One woman at agility last weekend was saying she leaves work a little early on Fridays to get to a special "How to do a Gamblers Course" class  - she said at work she had to get to her Gambler's class and silenced her entire workplace who all presumed she was preparing for a trip to a Casino or some such ... jargon is so awful for that  - no matter the subject it seems :)

Friday, May 06, 2011

pictures to share ...All About Pets Show

sober Brody .. thanks ja for the photography!

Brody still gets air on aframes- thanks ja for the photography!

getting tired ... I wonder if Brody saw JA -one of his favourite people

Sally's aframe ... not sure decel from where I am is helpful thanks ja for the photography!

One jump work - Sally found the low jumps so confusing ...thanks ja for the photography!
That was a wicked amount of work .. I wonder why I have no voice this week ... the Easter weekend then a multi run trial (26 runs + course building).. with regular work all along ...can't wait to hit the private dog walk this weekend :) (or maybe curl up under a fuzzy blanket with a good book)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Gambling fool ...

Sally and Andrea - Advanced gamblers .. Q 1

a little video of the silly gamblers run where we try to run over the judge - not once but twice :)

and Sally barks a lot ... and misses a tunnel cause she's too excited to run through a tunnel .. she only got 9 obstacles completed before the buzzer - I thought we'd have 10-11 done ... her weaves are looking smoking though eh?

This got posted on facebook - all my total non agility friends are quite amused by it ;)

Monday, May 02, 2011

Some ribbon pictures ...

did ya think I'd do the posed judge shots? Not likely  - though I like other peoples versions :)

Sally might be tired

My best boy

Not sure Brody loves the ribbon as much as I do

Missing ribbons - 1 cpe q ribbon, all the placement ribbons (10 of em) and a title ribbon

Sunday, May 01, 2011

CPE time...

Spoiler: Sally's great leap off an aframe meant one lost q ... but 14/15 ain't shabby that's for sure!

I was only going to run Thea in Jumpers and Fullhouse but she was RARING to go  so she ran all 5 classes (a first for her I think) and earned all 5 qs ( a certain first for her!) She earned zero faults for the day as well - which is going to do a fair but towards her 1000 point title :) I ran her as a vet which meant 4 inch jumps instead of 8 inch jumps - she was MUCH more confident. I think asking a dog her size to jump nearly should height is pretty tough. She is very athletic and capable - don't misunderstand but she was a pocket rocket today and her striding to the lower jump was great - not one stutter pop*  all day that I could see. She is an awfully fun play dog!

Brody ran a little slowly in jumpers ... in fact had he been in level 4 we would have had 3 times faults ... however he eked out just enough yardage to be OK in level 3. His other runs were fast and furious though - he is a lot of fun to run when he is hot!  He finished another level 3 title and earned his first level 4 standard (and fullhouse). He may be in level 3 jackpot for ever .. as I never seem to get to a trial that has it. He has 1 jumpers left to go in level 3 as well. He laid out some nice paths that others duplicated ~ always a compliment :) So standard and fullhouse level 4 Q's earned - as well the last wildcard and colours level 3's earned for his CL3- H title  and his second jumpers level 3 q earned. Good boy. He took quite a hard call off with enthusiasm and ran well both the rest of that class and afterwards. I was a little cross with myself as had I realized he'd eaten his Wheaties for breakfast I would have handled the line to not need such a strong call off.

Sally was spectacular. She was fluid, and on, fast yet responsive. We just ran .. like the wind. She really is agility. Her only error was leaping one aframe and I actually think she got a nail on the contact but it wasn't a frame I'd want rewarded anyhow. So level 2 wildcard, jumpers, colours and fullhouse earned. She moves on to level 3 jumpers and fullhouse now. (She had the highest number of points of any dog 43 points in total)

Over all the weekend was lovely  - 3 titles earned, 18 Q's and a great sense of accomplishment. Regionals will be challenging but if Brody runs like he did this weekend he'll be laughing all the way to 400 points or so. Sally really isn't quite ready for the challenges ~ she's close though so we'll use it as training experience and enjoy the party!

* stutter pop - my expression for a dog (or horse) that has to adjust it's stride right to the base of the jump as it isn't sure where it should take off from .. it stutters until finally it pops hoping to clear the jump