Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's hard to be Sally ...

 Sally ran a full course last night with toys scattered around. Toys like an empty water bottle, a fuzzy cat toy, a brand new toy and her favourite bumper. I am mean. It's true. But I also need to proof Sally with distractions and not much distracts her at the hall. She actually had to run straight over one toy. She took a couple of large optimistic turns but worked hard and well through out her ordeal.
Her weaves were rocking ..entries from all over the place and she didn't miss one. Contacts worked - dog walk and teeter  beautifully; aframe was ok (as in she got every contact but didn't stick in 2o2o quite the way I'd want)
Brody ran like a pocket rocket. He was up, happy and zipping even though most courses started with a curved tunnel. Certainly not his favourite course opening but you wouldn't have known it last night!
If that was the last night we ran agility before regionals I'd be pleased!

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