Tuesday, May 10, 2011

There's one good thing about snow ...

it makes your lawn look as nice as your neighbours ... so says Cyde Moore (whoever he is)

He doesn't know just how special a lawn can look! I dragged out the teeter and the aframe and put them up on the lawn (the front lawn). they pretty much have to run into each other - they have a L shape (upside down) taking about two 15 foot strips.

Sally is suddenly starting to THINK on the aframe. Amazing. 3 visits to the lawn and I can see her starting to rock back and consider. I've given her LOTS of chances to make mistakes. She's made significant one. My position is still a strong cue for her to drive down into 2o2o position but she is sticking a stay at the bottom. Should be really exciting to get all the equipment in one place! Brody has gone out once (teeter practise only) and was excellent too.

I'll take a picture of my most excellent lawn  before I'm asked to tear it down ...Big T does not like attracting attention to my kind of crazy any longer than needed!

(Did I mention I entered Regionals? I did. 2 dogs. O.M.G)

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