Saturday, April 11, 2015


It really could arrive any time.

This was 15 days ago, Now it's mud and snow patches. 

Brody has decided it is here. He came bouncing along on a walk with us for the first time since Christmas and was so happy. He charged through puddles (by mistake) and got caught in a thorn bush - which was actually horrifying as he screamed and started spinning in mad circles getting himself so tangled Big T had to uproot the bush by hand while I held Brody still while pushing a way too interested Dora off us. That part wasn't fun. At all. Thea is waiting for even better weather thank you very much.

The agility equipment is visible and that field is pretty high so hopefully soon we won't do damage if we play on it. I'm taking Fenzi's stay course - did the first few things but haven't done much this week, It's tough balancing working full time outside the farm, farm stuff and training stuff. Housecleaning? What's that?

Maybe the garage will have non farm/workshop. stuff in it next winter. Well the canoe lives in there too!