Wednesday, May 25, 2011

are you ever really ready?

I'm always ready and never ready at the same time. Not sure how else to put it but getting my game on involves this unbalanced feeling of did I do enough? do I have the right materials at hand? is my head in the right space? what else can I do? I always feel like there is more to do  ... and of course organizing the home front adds a whole other dimension when I'm going to be away a day or two.

It sounds ridiculous but my BIGGEST stress by far is the other people in the group I am running Sally in. I so feel like a B team player got thrown in with the big guns. I'm thrilled on the one hand - because I'm dying to watch them run and have never gotten to see many of the international members run but on the other hand I'm thinking - oh my word ... if the holes show up (and they probably will - these are tougher longer courses than Sally and I are used to) our B class status will be so apparent.  I'm pretty sure I can focus and do the job I need to do (other people don't worry me generally) but this is going to be another test.* No doubt at all.

Sally ran like a contender last night - fast accurate and she hit all her contacts (tipping off one but hitting it fair and square). I wasn't thrilled with her performance as she needed a BIG reminder as she hit the down sides and I don't like shouting at the dogs but it worked. So now I have to remember to do it this weekend.  I know I should only want her at her fastest most driven speed but I could handle a slightly more thoughtful dog more easily - awful eh? Sally and Brody both weaved like ROCKSTARS .. I was  amazed.

Brody did something he has NEVER done before - he actually  raced  ran ahead of me. He was Brody - steady and accurate -but he was flying ... flying I tell you. What fun! Except of course I don't know how to run him like that ... I just pretended he was Sally and all was good though.

* Seeing one of the ICONS of Canadian agility is in the ring with one of her superstar dogs RIGHT after Sally is probably what provoked this mini melt down ~ anybody need a nice dog to run at regionals? anybody? anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

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Laura and The Corgi, Toller, & Duck said...

I'm glad you're having a blast and the dogs are showing off for you!

What a great feeling to be running with elite competitors. Be inspired!