Sunday, March 01, 2009

Farm Style by Clare: Love and Gratitude

Farm Style by Clare: Love and Gratitude

I was reading this post and thinking there is a core of truth in the idea - a gratitude list may help put some of the sadness and grief and anger that is a little overwhelming at times into perspective.

I am grateful for my crazy dogs including wild Brody who is dancing and yipping up a storm lately - he drags me out of any pity party I might want to indulge in
(all of the animals in my life are blessings- they all remind me to get up in the morning and care for and love something beyond myself)

I am so thankful for my family - it is tiny but it is mighty .. sometimes a mighty pain - but I love em anyhow

I cannot imagine life without Tom and Mum - they are the bedrock upon which I rely and depend

Thanks must be offered for all that I have had and lost , loved and lost ..without having "had" I wouldn't know how very grateful to be

My health and wealth are terrific assets I don't count nearly often enough ..

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