Thursday, August 13, 2009

alternate titles for this blog...

Brody the Rockstar

because truth be told, he is

there is nothing he can't do and nothing he won't do if asked nicely -media interviews, playing a variety of dogs on tv including a female (with a PINK bow I'll have you know!) digging ina garden (with 5 minutes to teach that trick!), nursing homes, agility, playing at a farm dog you name it he does it and he does it well .. even if he is a little cranky to wake up :)

The Misadventures of Miss Sally

fitting of course because so much of my life the last three years has involved Sally and her trials and tribulations

  • saving sally in the first place (hours of writing in that story)
  • training a brainaic
  • dogs that are smarter than they should be

  • dogs that eat VERY bad things

  • dogs that do very crazy things

  • living with such joy in your life

My Boring Life

not boring to me but somedays it's hard to think of what to write ..especially when I've had a break from agility for far too long!

I Wish I Was Playing Agility

well that could just be the theme song for the last year :)


Muttsandaklutz said...

Hey Andrea,

What a fantastic photo of Brody! He *does* look like a rockstar. Any agility trials coming up for you and the gang this year? Or perhaps everyone will make their collective comeback in 2010?

On another note, a while back you mentioned there are some beaches (not sandy, but that's totally fine) in your area that maybe allow dogs off leash? I'm going to Sandbanks later this summer and would love to check out any other dogfriendly beaches in the area.


andrea said...

Thanks for the comment - I want to gear up this fall - I think there are a couple of Sept trials ...

just too much going on in life - just did a tunnel jump drill with Sally on the lawn - she is amazing at home I have to say ..

I'll write a post right now with pictures and directions to the very safe dog walking beach :)