Friday, July 11, 2008

some days...

should just be written off before they begin

the saddest bit for now is Bob (dear little Bob from way back in Feb blog) went to a new home - it seems he went into renal failure pretty shortly thereafter and only got to spend two weeks being a prime dog

he died on Thursday

life just SUCKS sometimes

he really was a dog I thought I'd live with for years ..

another sudden shock too..

Sally is now sporting a very pretty yellow bandage with a lovely little pink flower on it covering a neat row of staples in her foot pad...

how did she cut it? a sensible question that has no answer - there is nothing sharp I can see around.. there is no pool of blood showing me where she did it - it just was there - jagged, gaping HORRIBLE

Dr Au - thank heavens fit us right in and Sally was her usual way too stoic self - only a little yipping when the lidocaine went in apart from that she just pushed herself into me - at one point staring at the ceiling like there was nothing going on ..too funny

and dear Kaylie cat continues to fade - slowly slowly into the night she goes ...

too young, too adored, too sad

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