Tuesday, July 01, 2008

team challenge

now that was cool - Dawn at Morningstar has set up a cool event - it's called the team challenge and the way it works is teams run dogs - 3 dogs scores count towards the points for placings..no matter how many dogs you have running - 2 of those scores must be starters level dogs ....

I took all three dogs with me - thank heavens as I ended up being the third person with dogs 4,5,and 6 to appear for our team ... gave us a few scores to toss (dogs 2 and 3 at starters level actually)

Sally was very good in her first standard run - she got five faults..um I ran her last and ran the aframe the same way I do with Brody - so she lept off it - when you teach a dog a cue for touch it's kind of important to use it! she was steady and listened well - held her start line stay and did weaves and the teeter like a pro!

Brody was clean- a little slow but his usual steady self

Thea and I ran past the teeter - on purpose - apart from that she was PERFECT

Second standard run

Thea was PERFECT - weaves and teeter - no problem - just amazing - I actually held the teeter for her and opened the chute for her but 10 faults was just fine

Sally was insane - it took so long to get a table (she'd do three seconds then sit up - then three again then sit up again) we ended up running out of time - so had 5 obstacles we didn't do (100 faults right there) and 5 faults before the table debacle... she did the weaves and teeter no problem tho

Jumpers run

Thea - AMAZING - 26 seconds and clean as a whistle

Brody- steady 34 seconds and clean - he really doesn't like the heat

Sally - crazy - I kept having to ask for more focus and steadying her - 56 seconds but she was clean

Gamblers run

Brody earned about 56 points- he got the gamble but he was just tooling along

Thea flew it - aframe twice, dog walk twice, 4 point jump twice, and a couple of singles too she must have earned around 56 points too when she got the gamble! Woohoo

Sally was a bit maniacal - she lept off all contacts but was listening and trying - left all rails up flew tunnel- did nice start line stay and got the gamble - I didn't actually score her - not sure how many times we didn't get the contacts .. she did four aframes, 2 dogs walks, the 4 point twice, a teeter, a tunnel, a single -and the gamble - I actually doubt she got the 20 points in the opening but for Sally I was pleased with her efforts

interesting day all round

our team was second in both standard runs, third in gambles and first in jumpers - and Thea was a BIG part of that I think ;)

and Sally may have had a score counted I'm not sure

finally all the guests are gone - dogs are dead tired and I'm missing Fitz (thanks to dad for taking him!)

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