Saturday, December 10, 2011

a good good day ...

Thea ran 4/5 clean Q runs the only one we missed was a snookers run ... (in which I missed the number three jump - whoops!)
Fullhouse started a little lookie loo but she settled down and ran well
Her standard run was nice too- a little tiny think about the dog walk but a tiny yay got her in gear along the top plank ... at 3.1 yps it wasn't her fastest run by any stretch but she was not hesitant at all
Colours was a nice open course - we chose the wide open option .. and she flew the back line! 3.8 yps !!
Wildcard was nice too - she is a lot of fun to run :) It was our slowest run (2.8 yps) but felt quite strong anyhow.

Sally ran 3/5 clean Q runs. Her errors were honest (the judge called a missed dogwalk contact - I thought she had it - it happens!) and in a very tricky bit of a course she entered a wrong tunnel, realized her error and flipped around .. too bad the errors weren't in the same course!
Even with the bobbles she ran well and I am pleased with her too. She pulled the oxer down too, luckily in fullhouse, so it was an error easily recovered from. the fullhouse Q was earned with 26 points.
Her standard run of dog walk infamy was 5.3 yps. Colours (the off course tunnel flip) was 3.9 yps even with the extra miles. The wildcard course ran nicely and her yps was the same as Colours.
her snookers course was a thing of beauty - as was Brody's. Our judge, the awesome Pat Saito, brings little cones to trials for 51 point snookers courses. I was doubtful but determined. Both Brody and Sally succeeded in getting their cones! I was so impressed!

Brody had a good day too. Level 4 isn't easy and, as usual Brody handled the courses cleanly and with his usual high standards! Fullhouse was shorter than with Sally but clean all the way so they tied for points. Standard was a tricky course - a wrap, off course tunnels and jumps shouting all over the place. 3 yps was enough to earn the q! (Although only a second place - hardly an issue to me)
Colours was a zippy 3.5 yps. Wildcard was 2.8 yps and we did 2 sets of weaves! Unreal. I had been worried about 5 runs for Bman - no need - the last class (snookers) was Brody's best class of the day. I literally just sat on the floor at the end and admired my rockstar!
I will put together a little video compilation to bore you with soon!

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Muttsandaklutz said...

That must have been such a fun day, with all three running so well and happy. And with Brody's 5/5, does that make it 100 Qs?

And yay!! a video to look forward to :-)