Saturday, December 17, 2011

the night before house league ...

And I'm writing up individual score cards ... some people thought last year was too competitive (when we posted results) and some people this year want to know how they are doing ...

I have known for many years you just can't make all people happy all the time - but some people insist on trying! To be fair, if it's possible I'm happier when folks are happy but I also have no trouble saying "sorry, just not possible!" Oh well, I'm quite certain someone will complain no matter what I do.

Theorique is still here ... and not going anywhere tomorrow ... loads of good leads suddenly popped up - will take awhile to sort them out.

We took the dogs, well Brody, Sally and Sampson for an hour long walk at the lake today. Was lovely. Sampson swam. What a boy!

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