Friday, December 09, 2011

a milestone of sorts maybe ...

Not sure what prompted me to figure this out but this weekend may well see Brody earning his 100th Q. It's not likely but it's possible. In many ways that seems just unbelievable to me.

100 Qs isn't a big deal to folks who trial every weekend or every month I'm sure but given that I think this will be about his 35th trial (most one day; most 2-3 classes at the most - a few 2 day 5 class days)  I am amazed. 2 years nearly completely off and trials once a month if we are lucky most months. last trial Nationals in August.  Even if he doesn't get his 100th Q this weekend I have decided that 100 Qs is our next goal.

Baby steps. Amazing dog.

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Helen said...

Go Brody Go!!! A 100 Q's is an awesome acheivement.