Friday, December 02, 2011

Day one ...

I ended up at home today. Dogs thought that was just great although poor Sampson is not confident about the puppy. He is being much braver than he was for either Coco or Quiz though so I continue to tell him he's a super star  and try to work in special Sam time.

Sally is enchanted but puppy is small and a little scared so Sally is being gentle. She likes them 12 weeks old or so on best I think.

Coming up with a name for a dog you can't begin to imagine as an adult is tough ... I think she'll be fairly small, she's already demonstrating she's smart ... another naturally talented puppy I suspect

ohh boy!

We worked on settling in a crate, eating from hand without freaking, lying at my feet instead of on me (tho we did lots of that too) following me and being clean in the house ... all projects going well so far

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