Thursday, February 23, 2012

lovin' my little hairy old man ...

Brody had a blast  at the hall last night. Jumped 10 inches and he was really happy to be JUMPING! He also offered multiple teeters from all over the place. Made me recall our gambling days and our multiple advanced gamble qs on the one night we were in that level.

We played on contacts and then had some fun jumping.
Thea got to play too! She did 6 weaves a few times (for the first time since April); some jump tunnel work and then lots of dog walks. She wasn't confident to start but then she was zipping along it. Nice aframes too!
Sally got to play too - many many aframes were in our picture last night. she was sticking her contact quite nicely. And finding her contacts too! We also had some fun with weaving at the end - flying through  a tunnel to get her on the "wrong" lead for an entry then getting the flying change to make a smooth entry. Took a couple of tries but she figured it out. From failure come the best successes!

Had a training buddy with me which added to the fun ( and meant we could film a little). Thanks AFJ .. if you ever trip across this - Goob is an awesome puppy!

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Helen said...

Very nice, Brody looks like he was lovin it!