Monday, February 06, 2012

Crazy February

so why not add a complicated weekend to the mix?

CPE trial this weekend - Saturday all day then on my way up to the trial Sunday (starts late) I swing by a tv studio for a few minutes - nothing like packing it all in ;)

Classes are a little strange this weekend

Standard  (2 back to back is blech in my book)


as usual I'm running in everything - well entered - I can always change my mind and pull out of whatever ...

Thea will stay home unless it gets positively HOT out as buildings stay cold and I really want her to think agility is the most fun EVER! If snow hits hard we'll all stay home ...and that's ok too!

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Sam said...

I'm the same way about packing things in. Recently, I chaired and competed in a Rally trial, then had to go to school to run an experiment with my 18 birds, then went back home to grab Marge and go to agility class!! Never again.