Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day One

Brody earned 4 Qs and I blew his fifth ... skipped a jump on a pinwheel  - making it a harder line than it was ... but he was amazing! He ran steadily and happily. His snookers run started a little slow but he picked up quickly. We did more weaving then we usually do and he was foot perfect.

His first class was a non traditional jackpot class. Going through two specific tunnels doubled your points. One tunnel wasn't a super line for Brody so I opted to do a quite different line to anybody else with him. He rocked it with 45 points. I had 15 seconds I could have used to accumulate points but I knew he had the Q so quit when the buzzer went. (Sally earned 54 points and had 9 seconds more she could have used for more points)

Next up was 2 standard classes for Brody. I totally missed the outside jump on a pinwheel - making a much harder line for myself and Brody but he read it beautifully and ran an amazing course. NQ but  a Q in spirit for the Bman! His second course was also foot perfect. His time in both was over 3 yps so I was happy with that.

Sally is already to go. Brody is always watching me!
Sally's standard classes were great except for high striding off the dogwalk. Not sure if it was the teeter coming up or the fact I was on her left side ( I had one of those moments when I realized that Sally seems more likely to blow a dw if I'm on her right side - I will start collecting data and see if that's true or not) Her speed was good not insane - running just under and just over 4 yps, and her start lines were excellent. The weave angel worked her usual magic.

Next class was snookers. I ran similar courses for both dogs although I did extra weaves with Sally. Brody was literally one foot fall away from completing the 6 point weaves in the closing when the whistle blew. He wound up with 33 points which is enough for a Q for him. Sally ran a perfect run - not one bobble - we did one 7 point aframe and 2 6 point weaves for a total of 49 points.

The last class was Fullhouse and I didn't stay long enough to collect the details (will get them tomorrow). Both dogs ran great courses - I picked quite different plans with them and was pleased with the way they worked. My guess is Brody got about 24 points and Sally about 29. Good dogs!

My messy crating space
So Brody met my weekend goal for him today and Sally came close. 3 more classes for each of them tomorrow. Sally is a little stiff right now as she jumped the standard for the oxer and brought it down .. banging her thigh. Hopefully gentle walking and a good night's sleep will cure her.

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Sara said...

SOunds like a successful day! Good luck today.