Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day ... to you and yours ...

Sally and Sampson got more Valentine's than I did  - by a long shot!!

The colours course from Sunday - we ran the squares as I literally had NO time to walk the course and two of the super neat people in agility ran out with me and yelled their plan at me.. it went well - the number 9 tunnel caught an amazing number of people and dogs but both Sally and Brody zipped right through it all.

Sampson is going through a tearing things up phase ... he was sorely tempted by the Valentines!!


Helen said...

Hey that's cool your dogs get Valentines. I don't get my guys anything special for today, just Christmas and their birthdays.

Sara said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Congrats on your colors runs! That is always my favorite game in cpe.