Friday, February 10, 2012

anticipation ....

Such fun ... been 9 weeks since our last trial  which is actually not long in our agility scheme of things (16 week gap  before that)

One staying at home dog

Tomorrow Brody and Sally and I have 5 classes then on Sunday we have three classes each. If it's warm Sunday   I may bring Thea as I know she's going to be sad at home but it is supposed to be mighty chilly and snowy so that's no fun for the little bug!
It's at the same place as the December trial so I might pick up the title ribbons from that trial.

Goals? Have fun with Brody - accumulate 4 more qs for the heck of it - jackpot would be lovely as I don't get to run that very often. Sally - 1/2 standard qs would make me very happy ...  4 qs overall for her would be exciting! Good start lines with Sally is on my list too! (as always)

The other staying at home dog!

Sally and I did contacts this week in preparation. And stay work (well we do that all the time no matter if agility is looming or not). Brody and I did a few teeters one night and got his horrible mats out  but he had a hot spot over his loin last night so we took it easy yesterday and today. He's bright and sound so I suspect the hot spot came from his struggles to avoid being groomed.

If nothing else it will be entertaining and fun- as life with Sally and Brody always is ;)

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Sara said...

ENjoy! Sounds like it will be a blast!