Sunday, December 30, 2007


I LOVE the concept of snooker

all that thinking in one place ... and it works for velcro dogs too - I can take as long as I want in the opening and see how far I can get in the closing

From the very first time I tried it at Morningstar in May 2007 I was hooked... I think it might be fair to say snookers is a cause of my addiction to agility. Brody and I laid out a thinking course - red - 6 point teeter- red- 6 point teeter - red- 7 point weaves and then he was in the perfect place to start the closing ... number 2 tunnel; 3 tunnel; 4 aframe; 5 long spread out sequence of jumps (our downfall- we took wayyy too long here) and then back on 6 the teeter ...SCREEEEEEEEEE the whistle blew as the board was tipping- making our first snookers outing just ONE point short of what we needed- actually I was glad as more time in starters snookers class will pay off when we get higher up.

With Sally's only snookers outing she was eliminated bing bang - red jump, tunnel, second tunnel - SCRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEE - she'll work so far away from me that convincing her NOT to make up a course on the way back to me will be tricky - she is a gal and a half tho

Thea did really well in her first snookers outing (CPE) she easily got the points needed for her q and had a blast doing so

AAC she's running well - she's zippy enough that I can aim to do either sequences and adores the frame too so can easily do it 4 times in a round .. that evil teeter came to early on our last course tho - worth only 4 points it meant her run stopped at 29!

I'd love a trial that was just snookers :)

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