Sunday, December 09, 2007

One of the toughest things

I'm finding about agility is figuring out my scheduling issues

can I do one day of a trial and get what I need/want from it?

should I do two days?

how many classes can each dog do?

how many classes my pocket book afford?

can I cope with running at all three levels?

Jan 4 and 5 should be hiliarous - I'm doing something like 16 runs bwteen three dogs - its a good venue for me to push myself a bit -the kingston folks know me and will laugh with me adn the starters/advanced ring is totally enclosed hockey ring - it actually bothered me when I first ran in it (just been there once) but Brody was instantly ok with it - so hoping the girls are too

I have to decide how to move Brody up for the upcoming weekend too - still can't wrap my head around that ... nobody told me about the administrative thinking involved in agility when I started playing ;)


(the picture here is one of the only dogs here who will never do agility - Ibby has actually just found his forever home - and while I'm happy for him I'm also very sad for me..thanks to Nancy Franklin for her amazing picture!)

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