Saturday, December 01, 2007

Brody Rocks ...

Nice day today :) tho too cold for my little guys

the first run of the day was Thea's starters jumpers .. if the chute had been a bit later on course I suspect she would have blasted through it ... sadly as the second obstacle it looked too hard to the little bug

She did the rest of the course flat out and with great joy tho ;)

Then Brody had masters jumpers - he ended up fourth in his group with one run out- there were nine dogs in his group - I was worrying about a complicated serpentine coming up and didn't give him the info he needed about the moment we should both have been in so he tried to guess the course ... however 5 faults was pretty impressive for our first try on a course many of the folks who have been running for ages thought was tough!

Our two advanced standard courses were quite nice too - the first course Brody missed the entry to the weaves .. they were new weaves so I wasn't totally shocked - the second course he simply slid off the far side of the table - I didn't get there fast enough... DUH

the snookers course was sweet tho - Thea ran her heart out for 3 sevens and looked fluid doing so - unfortunately the teeter was obstacle 4 and it stopped us :( but she got 29 points - one of the highest scores
Brody was a bit distracted but responsive - we did 2 sevens and one five (I wasn't sure he'd do the aframe three times honestly) and was 2 footsteps from completing the number 6 series ... however he wracked up 36 thrilling points for a Q!

Only team left for his starters games title ;)

a fun day all round - for all three of us

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