Thursday, December 27, 2007

lazy days of holidays

well its rainy or snowy and the fire is roaring - we walk and warm up - walk and warm up - really quite wonderful and the dogs are just LOVING having us to themselves (with house guests to make them even happier) 5 nights here so far with TEN more ... I can't imagine how mellow we'll be by then ;)

nearly have my next major assignment done - I'm quite proud of myself
didn't bring one lick of marking home which is also something I'm proud of ;)

wonderful christmas so far - snowshoes, telescopes, great books, clothes - just amazing and not over yet :)
all I've worked on is sally's weaves - its a slow slow process especially in our little tv room - she can hardly get around them but I think its coming - won't be ready for January I don't think but we can slip past them on course - maybe get the entry and move on..

Hank wants to do agility so badly it makes me laugh - he is luring through the weaves and being so huge I can hold my hand above the poles to pull him through - too cute!

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