Thursday, May 03, 2012

Working out up on Purple Hill ...

Spring is my favourite time of year ...

Up high on Purple Hill I really appreciate the season .. the green, the promise, the winds of change all seem so evident there.

It doesn't matter if my head is resenting the changing pressure or I've had a long week at work. On the 60 or so km to Purple Hill I watch for the tractor dealers, horses and signs of country. We turn off the street to head east and Sally jumps up and starts peering out the window whimpering in anticipation of fun.

Things don't always go perfectly at Purple Hill but it's always fun. Last week Sally actually shot through the fence on the trail of some AMAZING scent. Yesterday she found a couple of weave entries tricky tricky. Thea is starting to LOVE Purple Hill in a way I wasn't sure she'd ever love agility. We played with contacts yesterday - flying dog walks and aframes - so much FUN! Brody worked on his weave footwork and a little bit of distance (HA  - I should do starters gambles with him - he'd think they were fun!) Sally practiced sticking her contacts, worked the spread a little and did some distance work (gosh it's easy to send her too far!).

Of course, one of the nicest things about Purple Hill is sometimes, when I'm lucky, the owner has time to just hang out with us - we chat about things dog and things not dog, and she might even suggest a drill or two to try. We laugh at Thea together and generally just enjoy the season. I was thinking today this is my fifth year of sneaking up to Purple Hill in the spring - tho  most years I have only made it a few times ... no wonder we  agility addicts all have such pleasant associations with Spring, Spot On and the Hill!

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