Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Go Sally!

Sally had a lovely weekend.
She missed one Q when I took a detour to add weaves to her end run in Jackpot - had I skipped the last set of weaves she still would have had plenty of points  so I'm just wracking it up to a lessson! We also missed a tunnel entrance and pulled a rail in colours taking us out of contention for a Q there too.
She had one what would have been called a refusal in her jumpers run - figuring out how to start the serp required a little more thinking than I was capable of on my 30th run but she was awesome all weekend. She wasn't as fast as I've seen her sometimes (she ran about 4.2 yps across the board) but it was smooth and steady. She did 21 contacts and steadily hit her yellow zones .. I released her a little early probably - she hasn't generalized holding a contact on course very well - though her dog walks were nicer than I thought (she does 4o on teeter and dog walk). Enough of the chat ... here's her video:


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