Saturday, May 12, 2012

My donation to the Trial Host

and it was a lovely trial ... so it was worth every cent!

We drove over 400 km on a prime planting day  and caught up with dear friends, lovely acquaintances and met new people and puppies.
We had fun, we had a good run with one just ticked rail (whoops), a great run and this run:


To those of you wondering what happened - I should have lead out a little more or been a little more clear about STOPPING my movement - Sally read me well - and was quite sure the next obstacle should be the frame not the tunnel.

Did I mind? No, not much ... I was pleased the frame has been paying so well that she wanted to do one correctly - it was too bad it was snookers not gamblers but thems the breaks! She was a bit frustrated though at a run ending so quickly so we went and did some work at the warm up jump which she and I both enjoyed.

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Sara said...

Too bad :( But, glad you had a good time anyway. What a beautiful trial site!