Sunday, May 13, 2012

coming soon to a snookers field near you

Snookers keeps me humble
Sally actually belongs to a more elite club than the 1 point club  - she earned zero points  when I set her up just a little crooked and a tunnel was half a field away from her. I released her from a beautiful start line stay and watched her rocket into the tunnel. I don't even think I called her. Just watched in shock and awe.

Snookers keeps my brain working 
with Brody I make a plan - stick to it and see how far we get before we run out of time.. the thinking is all ahead of time
with Sally I make a plan - then start running it - if I am thinking on my feet I figure out what to do when she doesn't do the up contact on a teeter, or knocks a bar or otherwise changes my plan. so far I'm not very good at that ...but wow am I learning... We do have 30 snookers qs  under our collective belt .. and still ...

Life long learning is SO much fun!

Now I wouldn't mind at all if Sally and I got another Starters Snookers Q and moved on up the ladder ... but if we sit in Starters Snookers for years I'm ok with that too. I've decided I'm entering every Snookers class I can FEO or running and eventually I'll figure out how to help Sally tick around Snookers like Brody does ... she's faster, more accurate in many ways and has real distance skills - this should be a fun mission for us both.


Sara said...

Snooker scares me! I've never done one at a trial.

I did sign chewy up for one CPE snookers run this summer. Hopefully they make it easy for us level 1ers.

andrea said...

Sara - snookers is one of those games that sometimes the advanced course ends up being harder than the masters course ...they are all tough! With Brody I usually aim to cover as small a yardage line as possible to maximize points .... with Sally I should learn to go for flow ... sometimes there is no flow tho!!

Helen said...

I like Snooker, just wish that they would change the rules so that if you faulted your opening you could go and run the close. It's getting to be so expensive some places that it's a same not to get at least a minute on course.

Helen said...

should read: "that it's a shame.."

Muttsandaklutz said...

I had fun running Walter in Snooker, especially after I stopped playing it safe and "here here here" all the time, instead just went for it and had fun. We too are members of the 0 point club! :D