Wednesday, January 25, 2012

work is play

and play is work ...

and always the two shall intersect, overlap and weave together if I have anything to do with it!

Had a hilarious breakfast with Sally the other day. She was tugging right over her breakfast bowl. She would rather have had breakfast (I think) but she was quite happy to grab onto 2 different tugs and play.

Took some time to revisit tug-release- tug -sit with Sampson, you can literally see his mental gears turning as he works out the rules of games.

Brody is being a cranky pants about having a couple of mats removed so I'm taking my time and convincing him that it is FUN to be touched with scissors. Seems we have to revisit this game often but it's worth it.. not sure about him but I sure feel better when he's mat free!

Thea is dying to play in the house. She finds it cold outside so is looking for things to do inside. We played a rousing game of zipping down the hall after me without any blind crosses. Probably should have started playing that game 8 years ago.

Real world life is busy this week but hopefully a few more work/play sessions with the dogs can be built in soon!

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