Sunday, January 29, 2012

dream weaves .. and house league report ...

Good dogs sums it up well

Sally was a little high in the second class (and I was a little scattered - always a tough combo) but she pulled herself together to do a JUST BEAUTIFUL set of weaves while I was inside the gamble box (we were playing a non traditional jackpot course).

Brody ran like the superstar he is. Quick and thoughtful - he wasn't setting speed records but he put "smooth is fast" to work. Sally was great - one bar on a jump after a triple on a long line I thought might get her strung out  but otherwise a lovely jumpers run!
The first game was fun - snakes and ladders  - twist your way up and back until you run out of time. Brody wasn't happy weaving the first time- we did them ok but I had to work harder than usual. We played Jackpot in the second game - both dogs were great - I wish I had a better plan for Sally. Brody's worked perfectly! Jumpers was lovely smooth and open - the dogs both appreciated it!
Lucky to have such a neat venue to play in. Enjoyed my judging too!

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Sara said...

I loved your little happy dance!

Impressive independent weaves! Looked like a great time.