Sunday, January 15, 2012

house league report ...

Great dogs - great fun!

It was crazy cold out so Thea stayed home (no wonder the poor dog is a play dog!)

Snookers was up first - our tunnel version

Sally earned 52 points the first run (we worked 3 sets of 5 point weaves and obviously something else too!)
Then 45 points as we worked the 6 point teeter 3 times then carried on to the closing - so it should be 48 points I think ... oh well math isn't my strong thing!

Her standard run was fault free too... what a good girl!

Brody ran well too. He was happy and FAST .... 51 and 59 points respectively and then a fault free standard run too.  Good fun day. The compilation video for today is Sally and her sister Sophie!

Still enjoying snookers, love the thinking piece!

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