Saturday, January 28, 2012

Must have's ...

What can't you imagine living without in dogland?

I have things that I can't imagine doing without for each dog ... a few relate to agility but most are general must haves ...

the list varies by dog of course .... though some things are required for all ...

Crates ... I like all dogs to happy in a crate. At trials they are essential even if just for course walking, at home they are helpful for feeding  or when  work is being done at the house or when there is a new foster animal. We only have one crate set up in our bedroom and another in the living part of the house.

A good collar and leash ... my preference is for rolled leather - mostly because of shaggy dog hair (umm Brody) getting caught in it.  We use 6 foot leashes around here. 4 feet leashes drive me crazy! We use flexi)-leads for road walks in the county but never in the city. I have actually seen dogs that were hbc (hit by car) on a flexi-lead. Not nice.

Toys for interactive play. Tug toys, balls, empty water bottles - whatever works is fine!
Toys for self play. Brody loves rawhide and marrow bones. Sadly with Sally's allergies he is  deprived of his favourites. Sampson is addicted to kongs. Addicted might not be strong enough as a word to describe how he feels about kongs.

Coats and clothes .. not really our thing but Thea does require coats living in Ontario in the winter. Sally also  wears a coat when it's really cold.

Comfy spots to lie are essential to these pampered pooches too. Chairs, dog beds, our couches, whatever works goes around here.

Food dispensers are essential for Sally. Treat sticks, Kong wobbler, tug a jug, tornado- the more variety the better. Stainless steel bowls are required for everybody else. Easy to clean and no risk of black noses going brown due to contact with plastic!

A mixed variety of treats. Ultimately I think the mixed treats keep every dog interested and working hard for their pay. Zukes, leftovers of meat and cheese, kibble, Charlies, all kinds of different foods make it into the mix.

What couldn't you live without?

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Sam said...

That list pretty much covers my essentials, too! I remember in the early days of agility when I DIDN'T have a crate and always had to have someone there with me to hold Marge while I walked the course. Unfortunately, she does better in a wire crate than a soft one, which means I have to lug a heavy wire one around when I'm at shows! But, I'm glad she has somewhere comfortable to stay while we're there, as I think it helps her psyche to have a place to go to be by herself for a while, away from the action.