Sunday, November 13, 2011

words nearly fail me, yet again

Sometimes words seem inadequate

A large piece of property around our 107 acres (aka the private dog park) was for sale all summer
It has now been purchased

It is joining our extended family and expanding our dog park (and farm) to a striking 256 acres!

It is a beautiful piece of rolling property - lovely trees, lovely glades, stands of apple trees, cherry trees and much more we haven't discovered yet

There are a million places to camp and play and enjoy the beauty that is PEC

There are many options now for agility, for walking, for being ...
lucky and grateful really don't cover it ...

I'm getting quite serious about hosting a
"I Can't Be at AAC Nationals in BC, 2012" Celebration
for my agility peeps

We could  maybe have a mix of serious and fun stuff for agility (workshops? games?)
I'm seriously going to have a cross country option for anybody who wants to play that
lots of chance to walk and play in various spots on and off property

campers would have lots of on property options and non campers could stay very close if they wanted - Sandbanks is about 5 minutes away (or campers could camp at spots with more amenities if they wanted!)
What do you think?
I'd love more ideas ... and if you want an invite let me know ;)


Sara said...

Comgratulations! What a dreamland.

Helen said...

I'd love a "I Can't be at Nationals" agility weekend. At this moment in time you could probably host Ontario Regionals too, haven't heard any rumours have you?

andrea said...

Helen - YAY!

and nothing about regionals has come across my radar yet either ... a little alarming eh?

Muttsandaklutz said...

Oh wow -- what a dream come true. I can't begin to imagine how big 107 acres is, nevermind more than twice that. So awesome!

I'd be up for the ICBAANIBC too!