Monday, November 28, 2011


After bypassing the table in House League last week I figured we'd better work a little table this weekend.
Working table now means saying "table" and watching Sally drive onto a flat surface she can see, hanging on it and lying down. Sunday we worked on a wide variety of surfaces (as you'll see) and me being in varied positions (including sideways to table, back to table and sitting on the ground).
Sally was great. Drove to table and only once waited for a cue to down (the cue of putting one arm behind my back - something she inadvertently learned when very small).

Wobbly picnic table makes a great test.

Calm and ready

After the down cue (I was sitting for this one)

She wasn't sure she fit on the bench but she did and then was very pleased with herself.

Always ready for action!


K-Koira said...

Looks like you guys found a good variety of surfaces to work on.

andrea said...

yes ma'am - variety is the name of life with Miss Sally :)

Helen said...

We had to retrain our tables too. Once I had the "down" back then we had to retrain the drive to the table. You were more ingenious for places to train.