Sunday, November 06, 2011

three days of lawn agility in a row!

and I feel great!

It's been a long time since all the dogs worked on agility three days in a row. (Actually Thea missed yesterday - but she hasn't done any agility since June so I'm still pleased).

We did our usual 2-4 minutes a dog thing - amazing the difference 12 minutes can make.

Thea - just worked on forward and with me... she is one noisy little brown dog!
Thea is also a mistress of camo!

She slays me!

Brody - a little weaving and running - a tiny bit of selecting the right end of the tunnel

LOOK!!! You can see all four dogs in one shot!!

Sampson - short sequences, a little start line type work - wow ... what a good dog he was! Today was amazing - foot perfect in fact!

Even I think he's beautiful here ..

Sally -noisy, crazy Sally loves this work. We did start line, jump drills, weaves, what dog!

This is intense ... this is Sally

I taped all the dogs (first three on the first day and Sally on day two.) Educational no doubt at all, mostly about me and my issues rather than dog stuff - man, am I ever SLOW to reward the dogs in a concrete way. I'm pretty floppy and sloppy too. Always good to have stuff to work on.

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Laura and The Corgi, Toller, & Duck said...

What fun! and I'm not sure when you changed your blog header, but I love it!